“Tolt Solutions’ experience with the technical aspects and familiarity with the hardware for our aggressive timeline was invaluable in creating a smooth transition for our stores. We carefully evaluated our options and found that Toshiba had several exclusive features, including the infrared touch screen, onboard service processor and tool-less design that we couldn’t find with their competitors. Investment and functionality were the main factors in our decision, and the outlook for significantly longer life with the SurePOS 500 at a similar price point made our selection an easy one.” - Terry Moffitt, Director of Operations, Weaver Enterprises Ltd.

Kentucky Fried Chicken locations operate on a franchise system, but everything from the taste of the biscuits to the experience at the counter is designed for consistency, no matter the location.

Working with business partner Tolt Solutions, Weaver Enterprises Ltd., the Peoria- based operator of 24 KFC restaurants in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, turned to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions SurePOS 500 hardware in a very competitive selection process to meet the new standardization requirements.


When KFC corporate required all franchisees to upgrade to a common software platform, Weaver Enterprises Ltd. needed to upgrade its existing in-store POS equipment to a common POS platform that would support the new corporate-wide software regulations. Weaver needed to remove their current Panasonic POS equipment and select a new solution. While investment was top of mind, another key challenge was the need to perform overnight conversions, swapping out the old equipment and implementing a full new hardware and software solution, with kitchen videos and wiring ready for next day business operations. After a competitive review of their point of sale hardware options, Weaver Enterprises selected Toshiba’s SurePOS 500 and SureMark printer as the core of the solution.

“We included Toshiba’s SurePOS 500 hardware system in our total integrated solution offering for KFC franchisees because of its trust factor in the fast food industry and for the numerous benefits it provides to both employees and managers," said Eric Swan, Manager Franchise Sales, Tolt Solutions. “Weaver needed a solution that would not only work with the required KFC point of sale software, but also allow for improved customer service. Toshiba’s SurePOS delivers on these needs and more.”

The SurePOS 500 hardware system has a cutting edge, spill resistant, infrared touch-screen, ideal for the fast food environment. The SurePOS 500’s retail-hardened design delivers on its investment by resisting damage in harsh environments, like the fast-paced food service front counter and drive through locations. As part of the KFC corporate software standardization process, the Toshiba hardware was certified to run the Compris point of sale software chosen by KFC. Tolt Solutions executed against an aggressive client installation schedule, transitioning 24 stores overnight, in a six-week span.

“We put a great deal of research behind our selection and found that the Toshiba SurePOS 500 gave our employees and managers more functionality than competing options at the same price point,” said Terry Moffit, Director of Operations, Weaver Enterprises. “Given the complete overhaul that we needed to undertake to transform our operation, we had to ensure we were getting the best service and function for our investment and our stores.”


While KFC’s customers flock to their locations for the chicken, the hardware upgrade has greatly improved their POS experience at Weaver Enterprises’ franchise locations. The touch screen has increased employee productivity and reduced the time needed to take customer orders. Store managers have given the Toshiba SurePOS 500 their stamp of approval and expressed their happiness with the new infrared touch screens. Employees have also supported the hardware transition, and they like using the new touch screen because it works with a finger, a credit card or a pen, making their jobs more efficient.

A winning combination of Tolt Solutions’ expertise, detailed research and industry-trusted solutions have improved the POS experience for Weaver’s KFC employees and customers. Now Weaver can be sure that their customers are coming back for more than just delicious chicken.

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