The University of Warwick is one of the UK's leading universities, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in innovation and links with the business industry. Nationally recognized as University of the Year 2015 by the Sunday Times, it wanted to remain ahead of the academic curve, and focused on creating a continuous improvement program using student-driven data to refine and improve its academic offerings and help develop future plans for sports facilities on the campus. To support this initiative, the university searched for a solution that would make it  easy for students to share their thoughts and suggestions, then analyze the data to provide real-time feedback to help improve its offerings and maintain its position in the university league tables.

The university consulted with Toshiba’s UK business partner CRT, which led to an extensive evaluation of Warwick’s existing capabilities and other competing solutions. It was important to the university to accurately and swiftly gather information across all demographics, and place kiosks at frequently utilized outlets across the campus, including cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops. After assessing the needs of the niversity, CRT won the opportunity by suggesting a kiosk solution, using survey software to quickly analyze student feedback in real-time. The University of Warwick implemented the industry leading Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions AnyPlace Kiosks that would run CRT’s ViewPoint survey software. CRT worked so well to quickly implement the new hardware and software solutions across the university campus that it was retained as ongoing consultants to continue enhancements and additions, which included deploying the new, sleek and powerful TCxWave kiosks.

“Toshiba was a clear choice because of its global reputation for portable and durable hardware solutions, with intuitive touch screen technology as familiar as using popular smartphone or tablet devices," said Andy Childerhouse, CRT.  Mark Potter, University of Warwick Head of Service Delivery added “the combination of Toshiba kiosks and CRT’s Viewpoint software made it a powerful yet efficient package by eliminating the pain points of routinely gathering and analyzing data across a large campus, enabling us to swiftly implement targeted corrective actions to improve our students’ campus experience.”

The customized CRT Viewpoint software works with the integral card reader on the Toshiba kiosks. When a student swipes their ID card, they answer a short survey, inputting data which then gets quickly processed and analyzed. The kiosks are available 24/7, yearround, thus providing a continuous flow of information, allowing University of Warwick to regularly refine and improve its student offerings. This wealth of data enables the university to drive ongoing and continuous improvements to their student offerings.

“We recognize the correlation between student satisfaction and student application, and wanted to understand the entire student journey in order to resourcefully identify and address causes of student dissatisfaction,” said Mark Potter, University of Warwick Head of Service Delivery. “More than just gaining immediate student feedback, we also gained clearer insight to what makes our academic body thrive in order to continue improving an award-winning campus environment.”

“It has been a pleasure working with the University of Warwick to understand their needs, deliver innovation kiosk solutions and support services,” Andy Childerhouse, CRT, continued. “Already known for its high research standards, Warwick is truly dedicated to gathering, analyzing and addressing student feedback to continue their tradition of 50+ years of excellence in attracting young people who can change the world.”

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