Remote Management Agent (RMA)

How would your business be different if your store-level systems could warn you about inventory and health status problems before they become critical issues? Make space for the possibilities with Toshiba's Remote Management Agent.

Meet Remote Management Agent (RMA).

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General Info

  • System performance, availability, and health status monitoring
  • Event management to track and respond to various error conditions
  • Retail peripheral management
  • Enables customization to support your business priorities
  • Power management of POS systems
  • Asset tracking/inventory collection of hardware, software systems


Built-in agility helps retailers respond quickly to market changes and opportunities and use IT resources more efficiently.


By making changes remotely in one store or across hundreds, you can virtually eliminate manual system and software updates


Fingertip and “single-view” console control helps IT personnel to monitor all systems and devices


Rather than dealing with technical issues, store employees can spend more of their time helping customers

How does it work?

System management agents will be deployed at the store level and enable POS system and peripheral management. There are two types of agents: a Master Agent and a General Agent. The General Agent forms the client portion running on each POS device, and the Master Agent is the single point of access to all store resources from the enterprise and aggregates all resources in the store, automatically connecting to all in-store devices running the RMA General Agent. And with Toshiba's RMA deployed in stores and Retail Enterprise Management Service (REMS) at the enterprise level, your business can take advantage of this duo's powerful retail systems management capabilities.


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