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Up Sell

Up Sell | Toshiba Commerce

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Up Sell

Better engage customers and enrich their shopping experience by bringing the online shopping environment to your store with our all new Up Sell.

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Show them what you know

Today’s shopper thrives on knowledge at every turn. Up Sell is an application that displays relevant information on screen when a product is lifted from its in-store shelf. This technology allows customers to engage with your products without the need for additional sales staff.

  • Dynamic content related to the products displayed at the 'Up Sell' Customer Experience Station plays to attract customers.
  • Once at the display, the customer can visually review the products available.
  • The customer is instructed to lift a product to learn more.
  • When a product is removed from its stand, the display screen will begin playing content that is specific to that product.
  • When a second product is removed, product comparison data is displayed.

"Interactive digital signage is the future of retailing. It gives customers everything they love about seeing and trying a product in person, and adds the in-depth digital content they've come to expect by shopping online.” - Brookstone CEO

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