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Style Advisor

Style Advisor | Toshiba Commerce

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Style Advisor

Enhance the shopping experience and equip your sales associates with power to up-sell with the Style Advisor.

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Visual Merchandising Gets a Digital Boost

Providing relevant information at the point of purchase can be a challenging task, but it’s more important to shoppers than ever. The Style Advisor mobile application is designed to provide sales associates with the information needed to influence shopper’s buying behavior. Through the use of a mobile POS system and digital content, sales associates can quickly and easily check inventory based on an item’s size and color and make recommendations based on other items of interest.  

  • Mobile-enabled digital content to highlight and provide relevant product information
  • Provide up-sell opportunities with product recommendations
  • Check inventory based on style, size, and color
  • Supplement sales associate knowledge on products and services offered
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