TCx™ 300

TCx™ 300

Thanks to its small footprint and flexible configurations, retailers don't have to design their store layouts around the TCx 300. This compact POS system can live in a variety of places on the checkout counter, allowing space for valuable up-sell items at the cash wrap, promotional signage and more. But don’t let its small footprint fool you. This retail-hardened system features next-generation technology that takes performance to a new level.


  • Customizable internal components allow flexible choices in hardware configuration to fit your retail needs
  • Low-maintenance systems naturally live longer and perform at a higher level over time.
  • TCx 300 is equipped with energy-conscious features that help prolong the life of the device and save your business up to 37 percent in energy costs.
  • Deep sleep mode allows the system to operate with minimal energy when checkout lanes are idle, then wakes up in seconds when your associates are ready to help a customer.
  • Embedded Intel 8th and 9th Generation S Series processors

A POS system that’s packed with possibilities

The new Toshiba TCx™ 300 Series brings smarter store solutions to small and midsized retailers who need a high-performing, energy-efficient point-of-sale system with a small footprint—and at the lowest cost. Now offered with the powerful and rock-solid Toshiba 4690 Operating System¹, the TCx 300 delivers top levels of customer service for any size retailer, including support for the Toshiba TCxGravity Link for 4690 solution that drives new and innovative revenue opportunities.

More frills where it counts

Thoughtfully designed with space-saving flexibility in mind, the TCx 300 is made for retailers that prioritize efficiency. When space on the checkout counter is limited, retailers need a compact point-of-sale system that can support their current and future applications, perform during peak seasons and minimize expenses. The TCx 300 can meet that challenge - all in a compact footprint that's less than 11 inches wide.
with Intel's 8th and 9th Generation S Series processors, you can create an easy to use system for associates and elevate your customer's in-store experience. Faster, more powerful processors mean better graphics and videos, shorter checkout lines and more opportunities to delight your customers. 
TCx 300 supports Toshiba's exclusive retail-specific operating system, TCx Sky. TCx Sky equips retailers with a proven operating system that delivers unrivaled security, smooth integration and enhanced options; regardless of the retail environment.



● Compact footprint and distributed design

● Embedded Intel 8th and 9th Generation S Series processors

● 80 PLUS Gold power supply

● Dual video display capability

● Solid State Device (SSD) option

● Deep sleep automation and built-in power management

● Remote Management Agent

● Tool-free access to key components

● Sensor driver

● Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts

● Front-to-back vents

● Retail-hardened design

● Engineered for retailers with components designed to work together seamlessly

● Open platform and broad operating system support

● Service and parts available up to seven years after withdrawal

● Toshiba's small POS footprint helps save space and improves flexibility for environmental design in the store

● Improves performance without sacrificing green principles with low power from Intel

● Still energy efficient even with increased performance with highly efficient power supply design

● Dual video support improves system flexibility and helps deliver a superior customer experience choose display port or VGA

● Faster, lower power, uses no moving parts and has the potential to increase system reliability and now available in 64GB or 128GB

● Lets your POS sleep when not in use to help minimize power consumption, support global environmental initiatives and save on utilities each month

● Enables predictive maintenance and rapid diagnosis from the store to the enterprise to help lower total cost of ownership and ensure system availability

● Easy, fast access to hard drive, solid state drives, and power supply helps reduce service time and cost

● Allows remote monitoring of system health to help identify problems in advance and avoid downtimes

● Use existing devices and add new devices to meet changing business needs

● Promotes air flow and ventilation, maximizes placement options

● Extends equipment life and provides strong investment protection

● Significantly higher reliability than PC cash drawer solutions that assemble components from multiple vendors in untested configurations

● Increases software and peripheral choices

● Lowers total cost of ownership by reducing maintenance, replacement and labor costs as well as associated downtime


Hardware Models
361, E61, 371, E71, 381, E81, 391, E91

CPU Support

  • Intel Celeron G4900T (361, E61)
  • Intel Core i3 9100TE (371, E71)
  • Intel Core i5 9500TE (381, E81)
  • Intel Core i7 9700TE (391, E91)

4 GB (64GB max on 361, 371, E61 and E71)
8 GB (64GB max on 381, 391, E81 and E91)

1 TB available
128GB SSD/256GB SSD optional (Dual slots available)

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