TCx™ 700

The TCx 700 system strikes a balance between power and efficiency, but what does that mean for your business?

With the latest Intel 8th and 9th Generation S Series processors, you can create an easy-to-use system for associates and elevate your customer's in-store experience. Faster, more powerful processors mean better graphics and videos, shorter lines, and more opportunities to delight your customers. And with its energy-saving features like deep sleep mode, you can keep energy costs under control too.


  • Ultimate configuration flexibility, most ports on any other Toshiba POS
  • Embedded Intel 8th and 9th Generation S Series processors
  • Virtually tool-free access to key components
  • Sensor driver for proactive monitoring
  • Scalable memory up to 64 GB
  • Optional integration tray
  • Two SurePorts, for flexibility as you customize your system
  • Embedded security features protect against viruses, hackers to reduce critical downtime

Ready for the next generation of retail commerce

Under the hood, the Toshiba TCx 700 has all the muscle you need for today's applications. Plus, it's built 'future ready' so your retail environment can adapt, extend and grow, securely and without disruption. The modular, convertible design and standards-based platform make the TCx 700 flexible yet easily upgradeable. Toshiba's retail hardened construction assures a service life of 7+ years delivering high up time and long-term reliability, even under harsh conditions.

With the TCx 700, retailers can craft a customizable POS system with features that can deliver the performance they need, with the flexibility that the retail environment demands.

This retail-hardened system features next-generation technologies - including embedded Intel 8th and 9th Generation S Series processors, a standard solid-state drive and an optional additional hard drive - that take performance to a new level.  Remote Management Agent, which can be enabled to automate deep sleep, allows system monitoring from a single console – in -store or remotely. This way, service technicians have quick access to the POS and devices when it’s time to update software and security protections and keep tabs on system health.



Efficient processor choices, including Intel Celeron,
Intel Core i3, and limited configurations of the Core
i5 coming in 2016

System handles the latest applications at blazing speeds

Enhanced graphics. Dual video display capability

Two display ports and one VGA with an option for a 2nd VGA provide dual video support to improve system flexibility and help deliver a superior customer experience

Information light and failure messages

Proactively monitoring system status helps avoid downtime

Toshiba Remote Management Agent

Enabling predictive maintenance and rapid diagnosis from the store to the enterprise helps lower total cost of ownership and ensure system availability

Virtually tool-free design to key components and secure
front access

Easy access to main components helps reduce service time and cost


Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts

Retailers can use existing devices and add new devices to meeting changing business needs

Built-in power management and use of recycled plastics

Environmentally friendly features help minimize power consumption and support global environmental initiatives

Solid state drive options in 64GB or 128GB

Helps speed performance, availability and reliability

Scalable memory up to 16GB or 32 GB

Expanded memory capacity adapts to changing business requirements

Keep cool with front-to-back airflow

Improved airflow provides more placement opportunities, keeps system cooler


Hardware Models
4900-767, E67, C67 4900-777, E77, C77 4900-787, E87, C87 4900-797, E97, C97

CPU Support
Intel Celeron G4900 (Models: 4900-767, E67, C67) 
Intel Core i3-9100E (Models: 4900-777, E77, C77) 
Intel Core i5-9500E (Models:4900-787, E87, C87) 
Intel Core i7-9700E (Models: 4900-797, E97, C97)

4 GB (64GB max on 767, 777, E67 and E77)
8 GB (64GB max on 787, 797, E87 and E97)

128 or 256GB SSD

Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts

TCx 700 Narrow 10.3 kg (22.7 lbs)
TCx 700 Wide 12.36 kg (27.2 lb) w/o UPS
TCx 700 Wide 16.86 kg (37.2lb) w/ UPS
Traditional Wide: 12.3 kg (27.1 lbs); Wide with UPS: 16.7 kg (36.8 lbs)

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