TCx™ 700

Advanced technology handles store operations faster than ever

The award-winning, energy-efficient TCx 700 is Toshiba’s most powerful point-of-sale system, delivering maximum performance, serviceability, energy efficiency and adaptability to drive today’s smarter store solutions. When combined with industry-leading Toshiba software, system and data integration and management, for example, the latest TCx 700 models take Toshiba Smarter Store Solutions to new levels of power in transforming the point of sale to a cross-channel point of service.


● Say goodbye to technology constraints, advanced technology handles store operations faster than ever

● Looks as good at it works with mix and match color options

● Smart new features-select only the options that meet your needs

● A workhorse POS with industry-leading reliability and performance to get the most of your investment

The Toshiba TCx 700 Series point-of-sale (POS) system takes performance, efficiency and user interface to a new level. The system features advanced technology; increased efficiency and reliability; and a modular, updated design. The TCx 700 also delivers up to 30 percent more performance with faster processing and more storage options to drive the most demanding applications.

High-speed networking enables consumers and employees to quickly access cross-channel offerings. Connections for up to three video displays with superior graphics help deliver an engaging, interactive customer experience. The TCx 700 Series continues to be the premier POS system for the modern retail environment. It helps retailers deliver deeper brand relationships and an enhanced shopper experience.

Toshiba's Together Commerce™ Experience solutions family continues to grow with the newly designed TCx 700 Series (formerly known as the SurePOS 700). We tasked our expert retail design and engineering teams to develop, advance and build upon our core, and industry-leading, SurePOS 700 product, and take it to the next level. The result. An amazingly innovative and powerful point-of-sale solution ready for next generation commerce. The flagship 700 system that retailers have come to depend upon, has been reimagined with modern design and new technology, while still keeping its legendary reliability intact.

Under the hood, the Toshiba TCx 700 has all the muscle you need for today's applications. Plus, it's built 'future ready' so your enterprise can adapt, extend and grow, securely and without disruption. The modular, convertible design and standards-based platform make the TCx 700 flexible yet easily upgradeable. Toshiba's retail hardened construction assures a service life of 7+ years delivering high uptime and long-term reliability, even under harsh conditions.

Innovative, retail-optimized technology makes the TCx 700 more valuable to retailers than ever before. With next generation Intel Core i3 processing as an option, limited configurations with Intel Core i5 coming in 2016, scalable memory choices up to 32 GB, and hard disk or solid state drives options, the TCx 700 packs up to 30 percent more performance power, faster processing and extra storage capacity to drive the most demanding consumer service and enterprise applications. High-speed networking enables shoppers and employees to rapidly access cross-channel offerings. Support for dual video displays with superior graphics helps deliver an engaging, interactive customer experience.

TCx700 Call Out


Shown: TCx™ 786 with TCx™ Display, SureMark dual-station printer, 67-key Keyboard with LCD


Mix and match with new color options, Raven Black system color with choice of Iron Gray or Pearl White accents. Choose distributed or integrated configurations with color-matched peripherals (all optional)


Next Generation Intel technologies deliver power for store applications now and into the future


Easy to wake deep sleep lets POS "nap" and lower energy costs


Virtually tool-free design and front access to all components help reduce service time and costs


Solid state drive options and scalable memory up to 16 GB or 32 GB adapts to changing business requirements and helps speed performance


New 2x20 displays available in updated design and colors (optional)


Front vents promote airflow and minimize moving parts to reduce heat and help keep systems up and running


New Raven Black cash drawer available in USB or SDL complements new cover design and creates a sleek look when used for integration (optional)


Information light and failure messages proactively monitor system status and help avoid downtime


USB and PS/2 67-key, 67-key with LCD, ANPOS, and Compact ANPOS (all optional)


Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts enable retailers to use existing devices and connect customer or employee devices




Efficient processor choices, including Intel Celeron,
Intel Core i3, and limited configurations of the Core
i5 coming in 2016

System handles the latest applications at blazing speeds

Enhanced graphics. Dual video display capability

Two display ports and one VGA with an option for a 2nd VGA provide dual video support to improve system flexibility and help deliver a superior customer experience

Information light and failure messages

Proactively monitoring system status helps avoid downtime

Toshiba Remote Management Agent

Enabling predictive maintenance and rapid diagnosis from the store to the enterprise helps lower total cost of ownership and ensure system availability

Virtually tool-free design to key components and secure
front access

Easy access to main components helps reduce service time and cost


Selectable and upgradeable SurePorts

Retailers can use existing devices and add new devices to meeting changing business needs

Built-in power management and use of recycled plastics

Environmentally friendly features help minimize power consumption and support global environmental initiatives

Solid state drive options in 64GB or 128GB

Helps speed performance, availability and reliability

Scalable memory up to 16GB or 32 GB

Expanded memory capacity adapts to changing business requirements

Keep cool with front-to-back airflow

Improved airflow provides more placement opportunities, keeps system cooler


Toshiba TCx 700 Technical Requirements

Product name

TCx 740

TCx 780

Model number

4900-746, E46, C46

4900-786, E86, C86


Intel Celeron G1820TE

Intel Celeron G1820 or Intel Core i3 4330 or Intel Core i5 (limited configurations coming in 2016)

Hard disk drive*

500 GB option (upgrade option on E46, standard on C46)

500 GB option (upgrade option on E86, standard on C86)

Solid State drive

64 GB option or 128 GB option

(64 GB standard, 128 GB upgrade available on E46, upgrades available on C46)

64 GB option or 128 GB option

(64 GB standard, 128 GB upgrade available on E86, upgrades available on C86)

System memory†

2 GB (4 GB on E46, C46;16 GB max)

4 GB (32 GB max)

Video memory

256 MB (max) (shared with system memory)

Riser card options

Basic Riser provides 2x PCI Express slots


Plus Riser provides 2x PCI Express slots and 128K NVRAM
(must have Plus Riser for 4690 support)



Second drive

Field upgrade option

2nd 500 GB HDD or 64 GB SSD or 128 GB SSD

installed available on C46, C86 (2nd drive must be the same media type as the 1st drive)

DVD burner

Internal option (standard on C46, C86)

Battery backup

Internal UPS (with iron traditional wide cover only)

Toshiba SurePorts

See "Toshiba SurePorts" chart for connectivity options. C46, C86 controller models do not include SurePorts.

Front ports option

One 12 V USB, one headphone

Back ports

2 PC USB 2.0, 1 PC USB 3.0, 2 RS-232, 1 PS/2 keyboard, 1 PS/2 mouse, Audio mic/line-out, 1 RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000, 2 Display Port, 1 VGA

Additional back port options

1x VGA

2x RS-232, must have plus riser, ports install in PCI slot

Systems management

SMBIOS, Wake on LAN, PXE, Wired for Management, Trusted Platform Management

Power management‡

Deep sleep automation, ACPI

Dimensions (WxDxH)

TCx Narrow 320 mm x 444 mm x 102 mm (12.6" x 17.48" x 4.04")

TCx Wide 442 mm x 424 mm x 105 mm (17.4" x 16.69" x 4.13")

TCx Cable cover adds 51 mm (2") to depth

Traditional Wide 435 × 475 × 117.3 mm (17.1"× 18.7" × 4.62")


TCx Narrow 10.3 kg (22.7 lbs), TCx Wide 12.2 kg (26.9 lb)

Traditional Wide: 12.3 kg (27.1 lbs); Wide with UPS: 16.7 kg (36.8 lbs)

Power supply

80 + Platinum Efficient Universal Switched Power Supply (47 - 63 Hz), 90 W typical/250 W maximum

Operating systems supported§

Toshiba 4690 OS, V6.5 Enhanced (by 1H2016)
Microsoft Windows POSReady 2009
Microsoft Windows POSReady 7 (64-bit* and 32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit* and 32-bit), or Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) by year end
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Server SP3 coming in 2016
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Desktop SP3 coming in 2016
Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2015 LTSB for Retail or Thin Clients (Preload option E46, E86)

*64-bit is available preloaded

Drivers supported

UPOS 1.14.0 or higher (includes OPOS, JavaPOS)

Applications supported

Toshiba SurePOS ACE; Toshiba General Sales Application; Toshiba 4680 - 4690 Supermarket Application; customized Toshiba applications; Toshiba Business Partner software solutions

Management tools

Toshiba Remote Management Agent; IBM Director

Limited warranty**

One-year onsite service. Extended service available through TCx™ Care.

Technical support††

Techline web-based help


Bottom row

Optional top row


Basic Riser options

Plus Riser

Basic or Plus Riser
Powered USB

Plus Riser only

Plus Riser only










Cash drawer

0 or 2



Powered USB 2.0 (12 V)

4 or 3




Powered USB 2.0 (24 V)




RS-485 port 5 keyboard




RS-485 port 4 customer display




RS-485 port 7 printer‡‡




RS-485 port 9 customer display/scanner






Powered RS-232 (12 V or 5 V)


3 (15-pin or 9-pin)

Peripheral options***


Toshiba TCx Display, Toshiba SurePoint™ (touch/nontouch), USB, RS-485 and RS-232 40-character and character/graphics displays


Toshiba SureMark™ printers, Toshiba 4689-TD5 SurePOS printer, Toshiba Fiscal printers


USB and PS/2 modular 67-key, ANPOS, and Compact ANPOS

Cash drawers

Full-size, compact and flip-top

Integration trays

System unit, table-top, and cash drawer slant top trays


MB/GB equals one million/billion bytes when referring to storage capacity; accessibility may be less

Memory supports both system and video. Accessible system memory will be the installed memory size less the amount defined for video

Power management functionality is device-dependent


Microsoft Embedded preload standard on E45, E85. On other models an operating system is not included but can be purchased separately


Terms may vary by country. For a copy of the terms and conditions of Toshiba's Statement of Limited Warranty, please contact your Toshiba representative or reseller


Technical support response times may vary


A single POS printer can be plugged in and operational, 24 V available in Japan



Not all peripherals are available in all countries. Please contact your local Toshiba representative for details


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