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ITAB MoveFlow-Hybrid

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ITAB MoveFlow-Hybrid

The Hybrid system design is targeted for smaller shop formats where the need for a quick conversion between Self Check Out mode and Attendant mode is necessary.

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Overview ITAB MoveFlow-Hybrid

The MoveFlow family is designed to handle smaller basket purchases ideally up to 10 items. The Hybrid system design is targeted for smaller shop formats where the need for a quick conversion between Self Check Out mode and Attendant mode is necessary. This feature enables smaller shops to maintain transaction capacity in low peaks whilst maintaining the capacity for maximum transaction capacity at peaks. In this way a shop can be flexible in staffing the Check Out Arena throughout the day. It is available with a range of options and cash systems.


· Instant swap between Self service and Attendant mode

· Optimizing staff scheduling and transaction capacity

· Designed for Convenience stores and small Supermarkets

· Design and customer experience in focus

· Accommodates various cash systems including closed cash handling


  • MoveFlow Hybrid
    MoveFlow Hybrid is the base option prepared for credit card payment. Certified scale is optional.
  • MoveFlow Hybrid CASH
    MoveFlow Hybrid CASH is designed as the base model with optional cash systems. Embedded OEM cash systems are available as well as Glory closed loop cash handling systems.


  • Custom Coloring:
    MoveFlow HYBRID can be delivered in any color or multiple colors to match every type of customer requirement.
  • Light Tower 
    MoveFlow HYBRID can be equipped with various light towers depending on customer requirements. Choose between ITAB’s own solution, or select a different standard solution available on the market.
  • Card Payment:
    MoveFlow HYBRID can be equipped with several different card or card/cash solutions to meet every customer requirement.
  • Scanner/Scale:
    MoveFlow HYBRID is equipped with scanners and certified scale that works for both self checkout customers and assisted checkout.
  • Safety: 
    MoveFlow HYBRID is equipped with a self-learning scale system that will detect mistakes and attempted theft.
  • Bag Handling:
    MoveFlow HYBRID is compatible with bag holders for most bag types and bag sizes.
  • Shelving Options:
    Depending on model, MoveFlow HYBRID can be equipped with different shelving configurations such as bag storage, pull-out drawer for POS computer, open shelves etc.
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Toshiba and ITAB Join Forces to Offer Cutting Edge Innovation in Checkout

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions announces the launch of a global alliance with ITAB Shop Concept AB to bring together Toshiba’s checkout technology and thought leadership as a global market share leader in point of sale (POS) with ITAB’s unique abilities to design and implement cutting edge and efficient store experiences. Toshiba’s enhanced self-service strategy for checkout through innovation with ITAB allows retailers to reap stronger business results through front-end optimization and expanded self-service utilization. With solutions available today, stores will be able to offer a unified shopping experience for their customers across a variety of checkout touch points.
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