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TCx™ Elevate

The flexible POS enablement platform. TCx™ Elevate provides the tools, capabilities and services to empower retailers to enhance their in-store commerce capabilities without deep programming knowledge and with minimal impact to the POS environment. Optimize your retail environment while enabling you to explore future enterprise opportunities. Implement new ways to engage and motivate shoppers. Increase your business and keep up with demand.

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In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing retail environment, it’s important to adapt in the most beneficial and cost-effective ways possible. With Toshiba retail solutions already in place, you have made a wise investment. TCx Elevate allows you to extend that investment even further.

Whether selecting from existing out-of-the-box applications or leveraging the toolkit to develop, integrate, and scale new applications with ease, TCx Elevate provides a path to complement, extend and elevate existing in-store retail capabilities.

Grow at your own pace

  • Add to existing Toshiba POS environments without modifying core business logic
  • Avoid the risks of rip & replace within your POS environment
  • Take advantage of Toshiba’s pre-built applications or build your own using the TCx Elevate Toolkit

Extend beyond your boundaries

  • Enable visual integration between in-store and enterprise web applications
  • Leverage a mobile, browser-based commerce interface through TCx Elevate WebPOS
  • Explore complementary third-party applications

Engage your customers

  • Use TCx Elevate POS Marketing to enhance interactive customer engagement at the POS
  • Reduce wait times with TCx Elevate Pre-scan
  • Unify multiple applications in the store to optimize customer interactions

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Toshiba’s TCx™ Elevate solution is a flexible POS enablement platform designed to allow Toshiba’s clients and business partners to add and extend the value of their existing Toshiba commerce investments. One that allows for the introduction of new and modern capabilities in a more efficient and agile manner, ideal for today’s dynamic fast paced retail environment.

TCx Elevate unifies disparate applications, use cases and POS related experiences to provide a more cohesive and comprehensive in-store commerce footprint.  The TCx Elevate family of applications, bundles, and services, provide retailers with a mechanism to unify and elevate their existing commerce infrastructure without having to modify the underlying business logic. In addition the TCx Elevate Toolkit (similar to an SDK) empowers our retailer and business partner engineers to implement their own apps, bundles and services. The possibilities are endless!

TCx Elevate enables you to…..

Amplify your Consumer Experience

  • Engage your consumers before, during and after the sale
  • Increase complimentary item sales with consumer-facing tap & add advertisements
  • Gain dynamic consumer feedback on every shopping trip

Empower your Store Associates

  • Augment the Associate’s POS display with the visual integration of multiple applications
  • Streamline common store operations with convenient terminal utilities
  • Reduce customer wait times with pre-scan capabilities

Modernize your Commerce Technology

  • Introduce gesture support to swipe between different apps on the POS Terminal
  • Add web-based visual overlays on top of existing interfaces   
  • Share POS peripherals across different commerce applications
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