TCx™ Elevate

TCx™ Elevate

TCx Elevate is an integrated digital commerce platform that brings all of your channels, touchpoints and apps together to create engaging customer experiences, improve productivity and increase profits. TCx Elevate provides a bridge to a whole new generation of technologies that will power the future of commerce. Whether you’re a large multi-national chain or an independent retailer, TCx Elevate gives you the capacity to implement innovative and impactful technologies at your own pace.

TCx Elevate unifies disparate applications, use cases and POS related experiences to provide a more cohesive and comprehensive in-store commerce footprint. The TCx Elevate family of applications, and services, provides retailers with a way to unify and enhance their existing commerce infrastructure without having to modify the underlying business logic or process. And, the TCx Elevate Toolkit empowers our retailer and business partners to implement their own apps, bundles and services. The possibilities are endless!

TCx Elevate provides a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Automated Self-Scan
  • Click and Collect
  • Pick and Pay
  • Digital Pricing
  • Payments
  • POS Enablement of Pre-Scan, Marketing and Utilities
  • More

Grow at your own pace

  • A modular set of capabilities that you can implement as you grow
  • Add to existing Toshiba POS environments without modifying core business logic
  • Avoid the risks of rip & replace 
  • Take advantage of Toshiba’s pre-built applications or build your own using the TCx Elevate Toolkit
  • An extensible platform with a growing set of capabilities.

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Available today, TCx Elevate allows Toshiba 4690 retailers to revitalize their current systems by extending the functionality of the operator and customer-facing touchpoints with new capabilities.

Pre-built applications include Pre-Scan, POS Marketing and Utilities that enable you to…..

Enhance your Consumer Experience

  • Engage your consumers before, during and after the sale
  • Increase complimentary item sales with consumer-facing tap & add advertisements
  • Gain dynamic consumer feedback on every shopping trip

Empower your Store Associates

  • Augment the Associate’s POS display with the visual integration of multiple applications
  • Streamline common store operations with convenient terminal utilities
  • Reduce customer wait times with pre-scan capabilities

Modernize your Commerce Technology

  • Introduce gesture support to swipe between different apps on the POS Terminal
  • Add web-based visual overlays on top of existing interfaces   
  • Share POS peripherals across different commerce applications

Download the datasheet