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Global Services Overview

We are the global leader in helping retail businesses grow their business brilliantly. We equip you with the tools and technologies needed to improve productivity, increase security and elevate customer satisfaction which means a lot fewer headaches and a lot more sales.
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Consulting Services

Every retail environment must be able to carry out best practices, clearly define their strategy, and re-think their processes to improve productivity and maximize ROI. Our retail, business and IT consultants are here to help you bring it all together brilliantly.
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Professional Services

Across the board our team of services experts have the solutions you need to keep sales up and business running smoothly. Let us help you create enriching, seamless shopping experiences and brilliant commerce solutions in your store and online.
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Managed Services

Our Managed Services experts know how to help you get the results you need where you need them most. From deployment to support to consulting, our retail brilliance shines as your go-to source.
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Client Services

Don’t worry, our Toshiba experts are here with Maintenance Plans, Product and Maintenance Support, and Expandable Flexible Services to help you keep your store technology working seamlessly and continually build brilliant retail experiences.
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Managed Print Services

To put it simply, we’re here to save your company up to 40% by ensuring you never buy another printer, and pay only when you print. We’ll help you work more securely, improve workflow, and create a more efficient retail environment.
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TCx™ Simplify

Stay ahead in the retail industry with the latest in POS solutions without the burden of large, upfront expenditures.
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