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Deployment Services Overview | Toshiba Commerce

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Retail Deployment Services

Experience. Trusted Delivery. Results.

Toshiba has a 40 year history of successfully providing a spectrum of end-to-end retail deployment solutions, meeting a variety of rollout needs, timelines and cost requirements for many of the world’s leading retail operators.

Leveraging our established global network of Toshiba maintenance resources, combined with dedicated retail store technology expertise, ultimately provides retailers peace of mind.  This helps ensure that all systems are installed correctly and that any unexpected issues can be immediately resolved, reducing any mission critical down time or the need to wait for parts. 

Successful Deployment: What We Deliver, and Value

Toshiba’s deployment and installation (and removal) services expertise helps address your challenges so that your projects are done right, on time and on budget.  

 Retailer Challenges

Toshiba Deployment Solutions

Retailer Value

Completion of Project on Time, in Scope, on Budget

Best Practices & Project Manager Methodology

Improves Speed, Timeliness, Cost Efficiencies

Complexity of Retail Environment

Proven Capabilities & Unmatched Experience From Retail’s First Choice

Minimizes Risk, Ensures On-Time, Control and Services Being Deployed/Installed As Planned

No Single View of Project Information

Online Reporting & Dashboards

Superior Visibility & Communication

Minimize Down Time in Stores During Installation

Leverages Maintenance Technicians & Resources – Who Are Already Servicing Stores

Eliminates Down Time -  Provides Immediate Problem Issue Service and Resolution

Reduce Time and Issues During Installation

State of the Art Centralized Staging Center

Improves Dependability & Ensures All Equipment, Software, and Integration is Fully Tested/Ready


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Learn More

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Interested in Learning More About Toshiba’s Deployment, Rollout and Installation Services?

Contact us to learn how Toshiba’s Deployment Solutions can help your next deployment project.

Are you currently evaluating POS (point of sale) systems deployment or in-store technology installation services?  If so, please contact Toshiba to see if your retail business qualifies for a complimentary Store Technology Deployment Discovery Analysis.   

This invitation-only consultation helps determine the optimal deployment methodologies for your particular deployment objectives and needs.

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