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Post-warranty maintenance

Post Warranty Maintenance | Toshiba Commerce

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Post-warranty maintenance

To ensure there are no gaps in maintenance coverage, Toshiba offers Post-Warranty Maintenance services, which provides support after the Base Warranty period.  Post-Warranty Maintenance can be purchased either at the time of product purchase or at any time during or after the Base Warranty period expires.

Choose from a variety of Post-Warranty Maintenance coverage and options to meet your needs.

  • On-Site Repair:
    • Same Day or Next Day On-Site response
    • 9 x 5 or 24 x 7 Options (9 hours per day, 5 days per week, Monday - Friday or 24 hours per day, 7 days per week Monday - Sunday)
    • Includes parts & labor, engineering changes, Call Center support and service problem management.
  • Depot Repair:
    • The product is returned by you to a depot repair center, repaired and returned to you by Toshiba.
  • Advanced Exchange:
    • Toshiba ships you a replacement unit, prior to the depot receiving the failing unit.  The failing unit is then repaired and returned to stock as a spare replacement unit.
    • Monday - Friday or Monday - Saturday
    • Customer supplied spares or Toshiba supplied spares. 
  • Parts-only Purchases:
    • Certified spare parts can be purchased by qualified self-maintainers, Toshiba Authorized Service Providers, or as spare replacement stock for custom maintenance solutions.
  • Custom Service Maintenance Solutions:
    • Toshiba can design custom maintenance service solutions to meet your needs including customized: Service Level Agreements; International Support Plans; Repair of non-Toshiba Equipment; Maintenance Management Services; and Total Store Support Services.   Contact Toshiba or Authorized Toshiba Service Providers to learn more.
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