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If you are using our peripheral drivers (OPOS, JavaPOS, POSS for Windows or POSS for DOS) with your application and you have difficulties, you can get help here. If you know your problem is due to a defect in the drivers, please call 800.IBM.SERV and open a PMR on the DRIVR queue. If you do not have a customer number, use POSDRVR.

Are you in a hurry and need your answer now? Did you check the Knowledgebase, IBM Link and our Publications for an immediate answer? If your question is not with these drivers, you should submit a Techlline question. If you have a technical question on an IBM Point-of-sale terminal or a related IBM retail peripheral such as the SureMark printer, submit a Hardware Question. If you have a 4690 Operating System related question, submit an SLP Question. The driver support team cannot answer 4690 OS related questions.

Before submitting a report, have you checked for new drivers, updated peripheral firmware, updated terminal BIOS, updated OPOS/JavaPOS driver modules, OS fix packs, or new Knowledgebase articles? If you have a UPOS release older than a year, please upgrade to the current level. Please read our driver support policy to find out if your release is currently supported.

If you have an OPOS or POSS for Windows related concern, please create a trace of the problem (see Knowledgebase) and upload it to the site below. A small sample program that demonstrates the problem helps greatly and will significantly reduce the time to create and test a fix. It should also be uploaded to the site below. Please be sure to use unique filenames that can easily be linked to your report.

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