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Support News

Summary of support updates

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Date Description
December 2 TCx 800 base cash drawer firmware 0116
November 11 6200-1xx BIOS v160
November 4 Security Bulletin SB-201910-031
Security Bulletin SB-201910-032
November 1 4810-3x1 audio driver
4810-3x1 chipset driver
4810-3x1 video driver
4810-3x1 ME driver
4810-3x1 RST driver
4810-3x1 network driver
October 31 4810-3x1 BIOS 1940
4900-xx7 audio driver
4900-xx7 chipset driver
4900-xx7 video driver
4900-xx7 ME driver
4900-xx7 RST driver
4900-xx7 PCI null driver
4900-xx7 network driver
October 25 Modular Device Utility v1.0.51
October 22 4900-xx7 BIOS 1940
October 16 4810-35x BIOS v300
October 8 6140-x3x BIOS v260 (Windows 10)
6140-x3x BIOS v300 (Linux)
October 7 Updated list of qualified papers for TGCS POS printers
October 2 6140-1xx BIOS v220
Self Checkout Lane Diagnostics
September 6 6200-xxC/xx5/xx7 BIOS v150
MUS video update packages for 6149-5Cx
August 29 TCx 800 base cash drawer firmware 0115
August 27 4810-36x/37x/38x Video Driver
August 22 Retail Enterprise Management Service (REMS) V1R2
Retail Management Agent (RMA) V3R3
August 20 6145-xTx printer firmware v0503
6145-xTx printer configuration program v0303
August 6 4900-7x6 Video Driver
August 1 6140-x4x/x5x BIOS v240
Security Bulletin SB-201907-027
Security Bulletin SB-201907-028
Security Bulletin SB-201907-029
Security Bulletin SB-201907-030
July 29 4810-3x1 BIOS 1915C
4900-xx7 BIOS 1915C
UPOS 1.14.5
July 26 Native Windows Driver 4.2
Virtual Serial Port 1.7
POS SSD Lifetime Monitor for Windows 1.6.14
Sensor Driver 3.7.14
TCx Display utility v1.1.12 (Windows)
July 25 POS Systems and Peripheral Diagnostics 10.0.0
July 19 2x20 APA firmware 0412 & 2x20 LCD firmware 0419
July 18 4900-7x6 USB3 driver
July 12 4852-580 video driver
July 3 6200-xxC/xx5/xx7 BIOS v130
4810-36x/37x/38x USB3 Driver
6200-1xx drivers for Windows 10 LTSC 2019
July 1 4810-36x/37x/38x BIOS v270
June 28 4900-7x6 BIOS v270
Security Bulletin SB-201906-020
Security Bulletin SB-201906-021
Security Bulletin SB-201906-022
Security Bulletin SB-201906-023
Security Bulletin SB-201906-024
Security Bulletin SB-201906-025
Security Bulletin SB-201906-026
June 24 Self Checkout Lane Diagnostics
June 14 6200-xxC/xx5/xx7 MSR configuration utility v1.13.12
TCx Sky 1.1.02 SP Refresh
June 13 POS Systems and Peripheral Diagnostics 9.0.2
Self Checkout Lane Diagnostics
June 12 6140-x3x video driver
6140-x4x/x5x video driver
June 11 6140-12x video driver
June 10 4852-x7x/x8x MCU firmware v22
June 5 End of Engineering Support Announcement (announcement #70230)
June 3 Security Bulletin SB-201905-016
Security Bulletin SB-201905-017
Security Bulletin SB-201905-018
Security Bulletin SB-201905-019
May 20 4690 OS V6R5 CSD 1910
May 14 Security Bulletin SB-201904-012
Security Bulletin SB-201904-013
Security Bulletin SB-201904-014
Security Bulletin SB-201904-015
April 29 Security Bulletin SB-201903-009
Security Bulletin SB-201904-010
Security Bulletin SB-201904-011
April 24 TCx Display utility v1.1.9 (Windows)
April 15 6140-12x video driver
April 10 6200-xxC/xx5/xx7 MSR configuration utility v1.13.9
April 5 Security Bulletin SB-201812-053
Security Bulletin SB-201812-058
Security Bulletin SB-201902-005
March 29 TCx Sky 1.1 SP2
Security Bulletin SB-201812-052
Security Bulletin SB-201902-006
Security Bulletin SB-201902-007
Security Bulletin SB-201902-008
March 28 Self Checkout Lane Diagnostics
March 15 6200-1xx RST driver
March 13 4810-36x/37x/38x Video Driver
March 7 4900-7x5 BIOS v290
March 5 6140-1xx BIOS v210
February 26 4810-36x/37x/38x BIOS v260
February 25 4900-7x6 BIOS v260
February 22 Security Bulletin SB-201901-003
Security Bulletin SB-201901-004
February 20 Security Alert SA-201812-046
Security Bulletin SB-201901-002
6145-xTx printer firmware v0400
February 16 6200-xxC/xx5/xx7 BIOS v110
February 11 4852-x6x/x7x/x8x MSR Firmware B48/C48/D48
February 8 Security Bulletin SB-201812-054
Security Bulletin SB-201812-055
Security Bulletin SB-201812-057
Security Bulletin SB-201901-001
February 4 TCxTouchUpdater for 6200-1xx, 1.0.54
January 25 POS Systems and Peripheral Diagnostics 9.0.1
Security Bulletin SB-201812-049
Security Bulletin SB-201812-050
Security Bulletin SB-201812-051
Security Bulletin SB-201812-056
January 22 Retail Enterprise Management Service V1R1 SP1
January 10 6140-x4x/x5x BIOS v230
January 9 4852-57x/58x BIOS v220



Date Description
December 21 Security Bulletin SB-201811-044
Security Bulletin SB-201811-045
Security Bulletin SB-201812-047
December 20 POS printer configuration program v2.19
6140-x3x video driver
December 3 RMA 3.2.2 Build 7 & RMA 3.2.0 Build 16
November 28 MUS video update package 2.1.07 for 6149-5Cx
November 26 6200-1xx system unit drivers
SSD Life Monitor for Windows, 1.5.34
November 15 Security Bulletin SB-201810-041
Security Bulletin SB-201810-042
Security Bulletin SB-201811-043
November 7 POS Systems and Peripheral Diagnostics 9.0.0
November 6 Sensor Drivers 3.6.148
November 2 UPOS 1.14.4
Native Windows Driver 4.1
Virtual Serial Port 1.6
October 26 Security Bulletin SB-201809-037
Security Bulletin SB-201810-038
October 15 Self Checkout Lane Diagnostics
October 08 Security Bulletin SB-201808-032
Security Bulletin SB-201808-033
Security Bulletin SB-201809-035
Security Bulletin SB-201809-036
October 03  Retail Enterprise Management Service V1R1
End of Engineering Support Announcement (announcement #70172)
September 26  Security Bulletin SB-201808-029
Security Bulletin SB-201808-030
Security Bulletin SB-201808-031
Security Bulletin SB-201809-034
September 4 CHEC 7.1 documentation
August 29 4690 OS V6R5 CSD 1810
August 23 Security Bulletin SB-201807-025
Security Advisory SA-201807-026
Security Bulletin SB-201808-027
Security Bulletin SB-201807-028
August 15 6140-x4x/x5x BIOS v210
August 13 Security Bulletin SB-201807-024
4900-7x5 BIOS v270
July 31 6140-120 BIOS v200
July 30 TCxWave Head I/O firmware 0138
Security Advisory SA-201806-020
Security Bulletin SB-201806-021
Security Bulletin SB-201806-022
Security Bulletin SB-201806-023
6140-100 BIOS v200
July 13 4852-57x/58x BIOS v210 (linux)
4810-35x BIOS v270
July 12 6140-x3x BIOS v190
July 3 6140-x3x BIOS v240 (for Windows 10 ONLY)
July 2 Security Bulletin SB-201806-017
Security Bulletin SB-201806-018
Security Bulletin SB-201806-019
June 30 Security Bulletin SB-201801-001 (Meltdown/Spectre v15 update)
June 29 4900-7x6 BIOS v250 (windows)
4852-57x/58x BIOS v210 (windows)
June 28 4862-58x Video Driver
June 27 4810-36x/37x/38x BIOS v250
June 25 4900-7x6 BIOS v250 (linux)
June 13 6140-1xx CMOS utility v2.03
TCxPrinter Configuration utility v1.28
June 11 4810-36x/37x/38x Video Driver
June 8 4900-7x6 Video Driver
June 5 POS Systems and Peripheral Diagnostics 8.3.0
Virtual Serial Port 1.5
Native Windows Driver 4.0
June 4 Security Bulletin SB-201805-016
May 25 UPOS 1.14.3
May 15 Security Bulletin SB-201805-015
May 14 Security Bulletin SB-201804-014
Security Bulletin SB-201804-013
April 16 Security Bulletin SB-201803-009
Security Bulletin SB-201803-010
Security Bulletin SB-201803-011
Security Bulletin SB-201804-012
April 10 Security Bulletin SB-201803-005
Security Bulletin SB-201803-008
March 29 4900-7x6 PCI Null driver for Windows 10
March 16 Security Bulletin SB-201803-007
Security Bulletin SB-201803-006
March 5 Security Advisory SA-201802-004
6140-x3x USB3 driver for WIndows 7
February 27 6140-x3x BIOS v230 (for Windows 10 ONLY)
February 8 Security Bulletin SB-201802-003
February 5 MUS operational package 2.1-10.2 for SLE12
January 26 6140-x4x/x5x BIOS v190
January 25 Security Bulletin SB-201801-002
January 22 RMA 3.2.2 Build 5
January 19 POS System & Peripheral Diagnostics 8.2.1
Touch driver 6.9.10.
January 11 6140-x3x CMOS utility v2.01 for Windows
6140-x3x CMOS utility v2.01 for Linux



Date Description
December 29 MUS 4820-2Lx/5Lx touch update package v2.1.02
MUS 4820-2Lx/5Lx touch update package v0105-1.0.01
MUS 6149-5Nx/5Sx video update package v0015-1.0.02
December 16 Security Bulletin SB-201712-027
Security Bulletin SB-201712-028
December 15 4810-36x/37x/38x BIOS v240
December 11 UPOS 1.14.2a
Security Bulletin SB-201711-023
Security Bulletin SB-201711-024
Security Bulletin SB-201711-025
Security Bulletin SB-201712-026
6140-x3x BIOS v180
4810-36x/37x/38x CMOS utility v1.31 for Windows
4900-7x6 CMOS utility v1.31 for Windows
MUS 6149-5Nx/5Sx video update package v2.1.13
November 30 CMOS utility v1.30 for 4810-36x/37x/37x
CMOS utility v1.30 for 4900-7x6
November 21 Security Bulletin SB-201710-020
Security Bulletin SB-201711-021
Security Bulletin SB-201710-022
November 13 4852-57x/58x BIOS v200
October 24 iButton firmware 0122
October 23 Security Bulletin SB-201709-016
Security Bulletin SB-201709-017
Security Bulletin SB-201709-018
Security Bulletin SB-201709-019
October 4 4900-775/785 BIOS v260 (Windows Only)
September 26 4900-7x6 BIOS v230 (Windows only)
September 26 4810-360, 370 & 380 BIOS v230 (Windows only)
September 21 Security Bulletin SB-201708-015
September 12 POS SSD Lifetime Monitor for Windows 1.14.117
September 7 RMA Version 3 Release 2.2
September 6 4810-360, 370 & 380 Installation & Service Guides
August 30 Security Bulletin SB-201708-014
August 24 Modular Device Utility v1.0.47
August 17 Security Bulletin SB-201707-013
August 8 POS Monitor Update Solution for Windows v2.2
6140-1xx/2xx Touch Firmware Update v2.1
6140 MSR/Line Display Firmware & Utilities
July 19 4610-1NR Users Guide
4610-1NR Service Guide
July 13 TCx Amplify Users Guide v1.3
July 12 Security Bulletin SB-201706-012
July 8 4900-7x6 Video Drivers
July 5 4810-360/370 Video Drivers
June 30 CHEC 6.8 Publications
Self Checkout System 6 MT4888 Parts Manual
June 23 4610-1NR Service Guide
June 22 Security Bulletin SB-201706-011
June 21 Security Bulletin SB-201706-009
June 14 4810-360/370 BIOS v1.50 
Security Bulletin SB-201705-008
Security Bulletin SB-201706-010
June 9 RMA V3 R1.3 Build 10
RMA V3 R1.4 Build 20
June 8 RMA V3 R2.0
RMA V3 R2.0 SLEPOS Configuration & Users Guides
May 25 4852-58x Getting Started Guide
May 23 Security Bulletin SB-201704-004
Security Bulletin SB-201705-007
May 19 4610 Native Windows Driver v3.5
Security Bulletin SB-201705-006
May 17 4900-7x6 Planning and Installation Guide
May 12 4810-35x BIOS v2.30
APA Display Firmware V4.10
May 9 4900-7x6 & 4810-360/370 OS Installation Guides
May 8 Security Bulletin SB-201705-003
April 28 4610-1NF Fiscal Printer HW Service Guide
April 19 TCxAmplify V1R2 Users Guide
Linux OS Configuration Guide for SLE 11 SP3
April 13 4610 WiFi Adapter Installation and Management Document
RMA V3 R1.4 Build 18
ACE V7R5 Publications
April 11 4900-7x6 & 4810-360/370 Windows 10 Installation Guide
Security Bulletin SB-201703-005
March 31 4610-1NR/2NR/2CR Users Guides & Service Manuals
March 30 ELO Touch Driver Doc update
March 29 Self Checkout Lane Diagnostics v4407
4610 WiFi Adapter Installation and Management Document
March 24 4690 Controller Matrix (withdrawn systems)
March 22 POS Monitor Update (4820-2Lx/5Lx) Video Firwmare
March 18 MSR/Line Display Firmware v1.33 (for 6140-xxx)
March 15 ELO Touch Driver
March 14
4610-2CR/2NR/1NR Firmware v18.06
4610 NWD Users, Programmers Guide v3.5
March 11 4690 OS V6R5 Publication Library
March 10 Security Bulletin SB-201702-002
March 9
4610 Native Windows Driver v3.5
March 7
4690 Controller Matrix
February 26
February 23
February 22
Modular POS Keyboard Firmware v3.68
February 17
February 9
February 2
January 28
January 21
POS System and Peripheral Diagnostics v7.5.0
TCxDisplay 6149-5Sx/5Nx Getting Started Guide
January 15
January 13 Security NI SNI-201701-001
January 6