Designed for restaurants, ANTARA is a modular and scalable restaurant system with high-performing hardware, software technology service options. Available in 10 modules, ANTARA covers all areas of your business: restaurant management, points of service (point-of-sale, drive-in, mobile, kitchen) back-of-house (merchandise, reporting, personnel) and services (hardware, software, integration, and connectivity). Only available in European markets.

Seamless Connectivity

To maximize profits and productivity, restaurant operators need to ensure that their technology investments can communicate with one another. This system is built to connect your restaurant’s entire business ecosystem so it can run more efficiently.

Simplified Operations

When you streamline your point-of-sale systems, loyalty programs, scheduling software, kitchen display systems, and guest management systems, you can run your business more efficiently, improve your guests’ dining experience and keep your operational staff happy.

Actionable Data

Good analytics give you visibility into key areas of your business. With ANTARA, accurate, real-time and historical data reporting is at your fingertips. Operators can tie that operational data back to specific customer visits and pinpoint, successes, challenges, and opportunities.

Reliable Support and Services

Technical failure can really hurt a restaurant, and this is where support matters most. We’re here to support you with a suite of professional, managed and maintenance services.


Optional capability to link mobile cash register terminals with mobile bar code printers, which can link to the ANTARA cash register system

Task Automation

Goods management, cash management, kitchen management and stock level management tools to optimize employees' time


Allows easy implementation of new business flows