Netop® Remote Control

Netop® Remote Control

When you need to access and manage your system remotely, that connection needs to be secure. Together with Netop, we've created a remote access and control solution designed just for retailers.

  • End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication and complete logging
  • Delivers faster issue resolution, lower maintenance costs
  • Improve access without compromising your security
  • Manage remote access through your own servers
  • Modular system overcomes firewalls and other challenges for secure, reliable connectivity
  • Use with retail-specific operating systems, including TCx™ Sky, Linux and Windows
Lower Costs

Single remote access path provides faster issue resolution and reduced maintenance costs.


Modular system overcomes firewalls and other challenges for reliable connectivity in the most complex environments


Document all activity with extensive logging and video recording


Manage third-party networks while maintaining compliance with encryption, multi-factor authentication and easy integration

Connect confidently with Toshiba and Netop.

Maintaining point of sale and other in-store technology is mission critical. Now our retail customers can achieve PCI-compliant remote access into point-of-sale systems running the Toshiba 4690 or TCx Sky Operating System (OS) with Netop Remote Control.  When paired with Toshiba Premium Enablement, Netop Remote Control gives retailers, partners and Toshiba support teams a secure and reliable tool to identify and fix issues on point-of-sale systems remotely, reducing the need to dispatch on-site support.

Toshiba Premium Enablement for Netop® will enable the Netop® Host to provide a full graphic remote-control UI, access to enhanced controls and supplemental menus, PCI-compliant logging and complete screen recordings, and central governance of access rights and security policies.