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    TGCS makes information available to entitled customers and business partners about known product security vulnerabilities. To reduce the risk of an attack based on product vulnerabilities, we communicate directly with customers/BPs while not making this generally available to others who may have ill intent.  With the information in the bulletin, the customer can determine their own level of risk and action.

    Security Alert Subscription Service

    The quickest and most direct method for the customer/BP to receive this information is for the correct person from their team to subscribe to Security Alerts. Once subscribed, email notices are sent on each release.  The customer/BP should not rely on any other method of receiving this information.

    An Enterprise ID (EID) for is required to subscribe to and access the alerts.   If you do not have an EID, please complete the application to Apply for an Enterprise ID.


    Helpful External Links:

    • PCI / HIPAA / GDPR
    • NIST
    • OWASP
    • NVD / ExploitDB / US-CERT / CWE






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