Selecting Suppliers

Become a Supplier | Toshiba Commerce

While selecting suppliers and carrying out transactions continuously, priority shall be given to companies satisfying the following criteria:

  1. The company complies with laws, regulations and places emphasis on human rights and environmental consciousness.
  2. The company has sound business operations.
  3. The company has the ability to supply goods and/or services to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions with emphasis on appropriate quality, price, and deliver lead-time.
  4. The company is capable of providing a stable supply of goods and/or services. Also the company must have the flexibility to respond quickly to supply/demand fluctuations.
  5. The company possesses technology that contributes positively to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions products.
  6. The company has a plan for providing a continuing supply of goods and/or services in times of unexpected circumstances that may affect the company and its supply chain.

If you wish to become our supplier, please fill out the “Become a Supplier Form” form and we will address your request as soon as possible.