Supplier Programs

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Supplier Programs

Supplier Expectations
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions conducts business globally, involving a wide range of point of sale products, services, and solutions. In order to succeed globally, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions takes customers’ requests concerning procurement of goods and/or services, into consideration. Therefore we expect the following performance from our suppliers. We also ask that our suppliers request the same understanding of their own suppliers and promote Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions’ procurement policies and terms.

Steps to become our supplier  

  1. Be in accordance with all of our policies for selecting suppliers and supplier expectations.
  2. Introduce your product or service to us by submitting a brochure, product catalog, price list, and any other related, available material.
  3. In the event that the product/service your propose meets our specifications and price range, we will evaluate and qualify the proposal according to the following procedure.
  4. Once your proposal has qualified, you will be registered as a qualified vendor.
  5. When proposing your product, we request you present the features and sales points of the product. Sales points will be taken into consideration of price, quality, lead time, management, and stable supply.

If you wish to become our supplier, please fill out the “Become a Supplier” form and we will address your request as soon as possible.