The big upgrade

POS-as-a-Service creates a modern retail experience for Coop Norge Handel AS

The big upgrade

Coop Norge Handel AS (Coop) wanted to replace the POS hardware across all of its stores in Norway. Coop needed a robust and flexible solution to handle growth as the business moves forward. Acquired over many years, the legacy system was a confusing mix of models,brands and different hardware across their many stores. The PCs and scanners were not standardized and none of the hardware was powerful enough to run a modern POS software application. The retailer needed to implement a modern, integrated solution.

Coop is owned by 102 cooperatives with more than 1.4 million members across Norway. The smallest Coop has one store with one Point of Sale (POS) system and the largest has 200 stores which are serviced by 500 POS systems. The Coop head office provides the organization with IT and accountancy services, and acts as the wholesaler on all goods to the stores.

Problems and challenges
Because Coop had worked with different hardware providers for many years, the operation was becoming difficult to manage. With various IT staff looking after different parts of the company from different locations, it was challenging to streamline support across the entire business.

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