Toshiba Opens New European Retail Innovation Experience Theatre

New Madrid Theatre Showcases an Interactive Commerce Experience to Solve Retail Challenges

September 26, 2017

Madrid, Spain

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc. (Toshiba) today announces the opening of its new European Retail Theatre showroom in Madrid, Spain to help retailers and business partners navigate the fast-moving retail marketplace. Focused on the needs of retailers and their shoppers both today and tomorrow, the showroom will allow Toshiba customers and business partners to experience Brilliant CommerceTM and discover new ways to become more agile, improve store productivity and increase profits.

Located in the Toshiba office strategically situated near the Madrid airport, Toshiba’s new state-of-the art showroom will allow visitors an immersive experience to transform into the role of the shopper or store associate. Toshiba designed a retail store experience and meeting space on 400 square meters called the “Retail Experience Theatre.” The theatre is highly adaptable with retractable seating, making it an excellent demonstration and meeting space. The spatial design also incorporates education space for classes to be offered to customers and business partners.

Today’s retailers have to bring all of their channels, touchpoints and applications together to spark innovation and bridge to a whole new generation of technologies that will power the future of commerce. The concept of the theatre is to take all visitors on a customer journey and let retailers and partners experience the way we can shop tomorrow -- which is possible today. The centerpiece behind the scenes is Toshiba’s new TCxTM Elevate platform which affords all retail customers the capacity to implement creative and impactful solutions at their own pace. Fully-integrated interactive shopping scenarios have been developed in cooperation with Toshiba’s large strategic partner network, with a wide range of capabilities featured in the Madrid Theatre including:

  • Home shopping with click and collect based on digital shopping list, home delivery
  • In-store mobile self scanning
  • Frictionless checkout
  • Optimized “no waste” innovation for perishable goods
  • Real-time digital pricing
  • Smart weigh scales with built-in clienteling
  • Interactive digital experiences featuring facial analysis and actionable consumer insights

"The new Madrid showroom is the ideal location for our clients to get inspired, meet with Toshiba retail experts, collaborate with our strategic partners and experience Toshiba as the one-stop shop in providing commerce solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the rapidly changing retail landscape,” said Yevgeni Tsirulnik, Group Vice President, EMEA Sales and Omni Channels, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

Says Adam Sheppard, President and CEO, Toshiba TEC European Retail Operations: "Our customer and business partner growth has inspired the opening of a centrally located Retail Experience Theatre in Europe that will allow retailers from many countries to experience first-hand the end-to-end customer shopping experiences. The future is already here!"  

“The power of Toshiba and our full integration with an extensive network of Together Commerce Alliance partners delivers proven end-to-end solutions that offer retailers significant business value and improved performance,” said Gerard Pruijn, European Director of Strategic Partnerships, Toshiba TEC.

About Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Toshiba is the global leader in Brilliant CommerceTM and ranks as the largest installed programmable electronic point of sale system provider in the world, according to analyst firm RBR. To learn more about how Toshiba and our global team of dedicated business partners enable retailers to deliver engaged shopping experiences, gain actionable insights and provide frictionless checkout, visit or engage on Twitter @toshibagcs

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