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Store Operations Analytics

Store Operations Analytics Solution leverages existing in-store systems and advanced retail analytics to help retailers measure and manage store operations to improve customer satisfaction and drive higher profits.
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Cashier Shrink

Retail shrink is a complex and multifaceted problem for retailers. Global retail shrink has reached over $115 billion with front-end shrink at the point of sale accounting for approximately $40 billion. Toshiba's Intelligent Cashier Shrink Solution, featuring Hawkeye 20/20 Advanced Video Auditing and Reporting by Agilence, Inc., gives retailers the ability to monitor, identify and dramatically reduce front-end shrink.
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Independent Grocery

Independent grocers need equivalent powerful technology and functionality at the Point-of-sale to compete with the larger grocery chains. They want to provide a shopping experience that exceeds customer expectations. Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has developed a reliable, affordable POS solution specifically packaged for independent grocers.
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Independent Retail

Store technology doesn't have to be difficult or require an IT staff. Toshiba's package for independent retailers helps store owners to live within budgets and allows them to focus on important things.... the customer.
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Store management

Provide a single point-of-sale platform for store devices and retail formats that enables retailers to reduce costs and improve business performance while delivering a superior shopping experience.
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Bottom of the Basket

Items left under the bottom of a shopping cart, either intentionally or unintentionally, can add additional pressure to already thin margins for retailers. Industry studies project that United States grocers lose up to US $1 billion annually as a result of bottom of the basket (BoB) shrinkage.
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