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Bottom of the basket

Items left under the bottom of a shopping cart, either intentionally or unintentionally, can add additional pressure to already thin margins for retailers. Industry studies project that United States grocers lose up to US $1 billion annually as a result of bottom of the basket (BoB) shrinkage. On average, individual grocery stores lose $10 per lane per day.1 With just a single loss per lane per day, a large grocery chain could see millions of dollars of annual profit disappear.

Intelligent visual pattern recognition automatically identifies BoB items

What makes BoB loss so unique is that unaccounted for items are generally within the sight of store associates, door greeters and security; however, they are rarely noticed. In fact, over 58 percent of the time, stores visited by mystery shoppers during a research firm’s annual study failed to prevent BoB loss.

Toshiba has partnered with DataLogic ADC ( formerly ERR) to deliver the most advanced BoB loss solution currently available. The cost-effective, end-to-end solution uses ERR’s patented visual pattern recognition technology to detect and identify items below the basket. Leveraging Toshiba Store Integrator, the BoB items are automatically added to the POS transaction. The intelligent LaneHawk cameras not only accurately recognize and identify individual items based on the unique design characteristics of their packaging, they do so with as little as ten to fifteen percent visibility. There is no need for LaneHawk to see the UPC. Multiple items can be accurately analyzed simultaneously. Exception-based reporting or other data mining systems are able to access LaneHawk data.

Since the cashier does not have to manually scan or lift the BoB items, throughput and efficiency improve. The associate simply presses a single button and the BoB items are processed quickly.