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Cashier Shrink

Cashier Shrink

Cashier Shrink



Provide a single point-of-sale platform for store devices and retail formats that enables retailers to reduce costs and improve business performance while delivering a superior shopping experience


Toshiba Intelligent Cashier Shrink Solution featuring Hawkeye® 20/20 Advanced Video Auditing and Reporting by Agilence, Inc.


Retail shrink is a complex and multifaceted problem for retailers. Global retail shrink has reached over $115 billion with front-end shrink at the point of sale accounting for approximately $40 billion.2

Attempts to curb front-end shrink with sophisticated digital video surveillance systems and exception-based reporting have produced marginal results, at best. Exception-based analysis does not provide the granularity required to effectively stop shrink, and it relies on trends and patterns that can only produce after-the-fact detection. Methods like these also completely overlook shrink resulting from operational inefficiencies, lack of employee training, policy violations and poor execution of sales promotions.

1 Based on Agilence Customer Reports

2 Based on industry averages