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Empowering Independence


Independent Grocers face an increasingly competitive marketplace. They have to compete with large grocery chains, regional chains and supercenters with name recognition, mass buying power, advertising assistance, extensive loyalty programs and the most current point-of-sale technology. Toshiba knows independent grocers need the same powerful technology and functionality at the POS in order to compete. They need the tools to provide a fast checkout experience, better cashier productivity and expanded services to shoppers. That’s why Toshiba has developed a reliable, affordable POS solution specifically for independent grocers.

An Independent Grocer is defined as an enterprise of 100 stores or less, whose primary source of salable goods is grocery wholesalers.

The complete POS solution

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions offers the Toshiba SurePOS ACE (Application Client Server Environment) Independent Grocer Package (AIG) supported by Toshiba's highly skilled Business Partners who are dedicated to providing a high level of service to the independent grocer. The AIG package gives retailers the tools to build a customer-centric store experience that can build deeper, more profitable relationships and help increase revenue. Plus, it is creates a flexible, future-ready technology platform that integrates new store solutions with ease, low risk and fast time to value.

Offer available in US only.


Feature Benefits
Toshiba SurePOS™ 700
  • The most powerful Toshiba point-of-sale system, delivering maximum performance and adaptability
  • Toshiba retail-hardened for long-term durability and reliability in rigorous grocery environments
  • Toshiba Retail Systems Management, including Toshiba Remote Management Agent (RMA) and Light-Path Management, efficiently monitor and manage the POS, software and devices at a single store or multiple stores
  • Deep sleep enabled helps reduce energy cost up to 47 percent
Toshiba SurePOS 300
  • Sixty percent higher performance with Intel mobile technology*
  • Now supports Toshiba 4690 Operating System V6.3 Enhanced terminal
  • New features include solid state drive (SSD) option with potential to increase reliability and speed checkout
  • Energy-wise design
Toshiba 4690 Operating System (OS)
  • Delivers a new level of store transformation and customer service
  • Increases opportunities for higher revenue and profit
  • Drives retail’s newest trends with rock solid reliability
  • Extends store checkout capabilities with fast ROI and low TCO
  • Optimizes advanced and legacy systems and applications
Toshiba SurePOS ACE
  • Digital promotions with Google Digital Coupons
  • Mobile commerce enabled
  • In lane lottery sales
  • Fresh food identifiers
  • Fraudulent coupon prevention
Toshiba Store Integrator/GUI
  • GUI with dynamic new “look and feel”
  • Touch-enabled receipts
  • Vibrant, customizable design and images
  • Easy integration with existing applications, devices
Toshiba Data Integration Facility
  • Uses open-standard formats to enable POS data to be shared across the enterprise
  • Embeds micro broker for improved communications capabilities
  • Enables easy integration among critical store systems
  • Improve store operations by leveraging POS data for real-time, enterprise-wide analysis
Toshiba SureMark™ Dual Station Printer with MICR
  • Fast receipt printing—80 LPS—and industry leading MICR reading—99.95 percent accuracy
  • Easy to manage with exclusive Toshiba Remote Management Agent
  • Unique service features including Light-Path Management, more customer replaceable parts
  • Four-inch (102 mm) receipt rolls reduce paper changes by 46 percent
Toshiba 67-key keyboard with magnetic stripe reader (MSR) with 2 × 20 LCD (Basic Package only)
  • Character display for operator messages and function keys to support POS applications
  • A 2 × 20 display can be tilted to reduce glare. Shows numeric and alphanumeric data.
  • Powered or standard USB for support of all operating systems
  • Modular design for easy placement and customization
  • Optional keylock or fingerprint reader
  • Optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader
Toshiba SurePoint™ 15 in. touch display (Premium Package only)
  • Unintentional touch rejection for enhanced usability
  • Deep sleep enabled with Toshiba Remote Management Agent
  • Easily attaches and detaches I/O for improved serviceability
  • Embedded diagnostics promote display life
  • Flashable firmware updates
Toshiba full size cash drawer
  • Proven, retail-hardened design that withstand the toughest store environments
One year hardware and software maintenance
  • Technical support is available from authorized Toshiba Business Partners locally to keep stores operating at peak productivity

* Performance comparison to previous model 340.

Offer available in US only.