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Diamond Resellers

Together Commerce Alliance Diamond Partners have achieved the highest levels of education in Toshiba product solutions and in the retail industry. These companies are experts in their market segments and demonstrate success through customer references and significant Toshiba Global Commerce revenue contribution.

Aptos www.aptos.com
Dosmar Oy www.dosmar.fi
GBM Corp www.gbm.net
Lineadatascan S.A. www.lineadatascan.com
Lodes Consultores S.A. de C.V. www.lodes.com.mx
MEKANO SIGE S.A. www.mekano.com
Neginti SA DE SV www.neginti.com
Nixor EE AS https://www.nixor.ee/
North Country Business Products www.ncbpinc.com
NUO Technilogica www.innuovation.com
One System Integration, Ltd. www.one.co.il
Pomeroy IT Solutions www.pomeroy.com
Quad Computer Consulting GmbH http://www.quad.de
Radius-Solutions, LLC www.radius-solutions.com
Redes Y Sistemas Integrados S.A.S. www.redsis.com
Retail Tech Inc. www.retailtechinc.com
Spencer Technologies www.spencertechonline.com
STCR Inc. www.stcr.com
Truno Retail Technology Solutions www.truno.com