Microsoft Windows Compatibility

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Microsoft Windows Compatibility

Toshiba is committed to offering the latest in Microsoft Windows operating systems optimized for point-of-service (POS) solutions. As a trusted platform that meets your needs, extends your business insights, and through smart devices that connect to systems and the cloud, takes you into the next generation of omni-channel retailing.

Microsoft Windows Compatibility

Toshiba Hardware Portfolio – Microsoft Support

Operating System SurePOS 100 TCx 300 SurePOS 500 TCx 700 AnyPlace KIOSK TCxWave Mainstream Support End Date End Of Microsoft Support End of TGCS Support
Windows Vista             N/A 11-Apr-17 No longer shipping
Windows 7 Pro FES             13-Jan-2015 14-Jan-2020 14-Jan-2020
Windows 8.1 Industry Pro             10-Jul-2018 11-Jul-2023 No preloads for this OS
POSReady 2009             8-Apr-2014 9-Apr-2019 9-Apr-2019
POSReady 7             11-Oct-2016 12-Oct-2021 12-Oct-2021
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2015             13-Oct-2020 14-Oct-2025 14-Oct-2025

Toshiba Hardware Portfolio – Microsoft Support by Family

          Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10
Intel Platform TGCS Family TGCS Machine Type Intel Processor Model POS Ready 2009 Windows 7 Pro FES POS Ready 7 Windows 8.1 Industry Pro Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2015
6th Gen Core
TCxWave 6140 Core i5-6300U 145 / 155 Not Supported Available now
and support through 2020
Available now and support through 2021 Available now and support through 2023 Available now and support through 2019
6140 Celeron 3955U 14C / 15C
SoC Family
(Bay Trail)
6140 Celeron J1900 Quad A3R
4th Gen Core
TCx 700 4900 Core i5 4950S /
Core i3 4330 /
Celeron G1820
786 / C86 Available now and support through 2019
4900 Celeron G1820TE 746 / C46
TCx 300 4810 Core i5 4570TE 380
Core i3 4330TE 370
Celeron G1820TE 360
3rd Gen Core + 2nd Gen PCH
(IvyBridge CPU + CougarPoint PCH)
TCxWave 6140 Core i3 3217UE 120 TGCS Limited Support
SurePOS 500 4852 Core i5 3550S 580
2nd Gen Core
TCxWave 6140 Celeron 847E 100
SurePOS 700 4900 Celeron G540 /
Core i3 2120
785 / C85
SurePOS 500 4852 Celeron G540 570
Prior to Core
SurePOS 700 4900 Celeron T3100 745 / C45 Not Supported Not Supported
SurePOS 300 4810 Celeron T3100 350

Microsoft TCx Machine Type and Processor Matrix

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