ITAB TwinFlow

ITAB TwinFlow

The TwinFlow family is designed to handle medium size to large size shopping trolleys. The system is ideal for large Convenience stores, Supermarket and Hypermarkets.

The TwinFlow family is designed to handle medium size to large size shopping trolleys. The system is ideal for large Convenience stores, Supermarket and Hypermarkets. TwinFlow is highly appreciated by customers as alternative to basket to bag and offers a positive alternative for all trolley customers. With the TwinFlow system most transactions in Grocery retail can be converted to SCO enabling retailers to pursue a strategy for increased customer usage of self check out solutions.


· Design and customer experience in focus

· Convenient option for Trolley customers

· Enables all grocery transaction to be serviced by self check out

· Creates significant overhead cost savings

· Available in a back to back configuration offering high capacity on the same floor space as traditional check outs

· Available in Super and Hypermarket versions with various sizes depending on consumer transaction profile

(available in Europe only)


TwinFlow Single Lane
TwinFlow Single Lane can handle two customers simultaneously with an optimized footprint. Customer 2 can start scanning while customer 1 is still packing. Ideal for large Convenience stores and Supermarkets. Mounted in a back to back configuration offers superior self check out capacity on a limited floor space.

TwinFlow Dual Lane
TwinFlow Dual Lane is designed with a packing bay to handle larger purchases in a Supermarket and Hypermarket.


Custom Coloring:
TwinFlow can be delivered in any color or multiple colors to match every type of customer requirement.

Light Tower:
TwinFlow can be equipped with various light towers depending on customer requirements. Choose between ITAB’s own solutions, or select a different standard solution available on the market.

Card Payment:
TwinFlow can be equipped with several different card or card/cash solutions to meet every customer requirement. The Glory CI-10 and OEM cash management systems can be retrofitted.

Integrated Belt Scale:
The integrated belt-scale provides increased security and simplicity. The scale can handle multiple items simultaneously, resulting in increased flexibility, speed and robustness.

TwinFlow is equipped with a self-learning scale system that will detect mistakes and attempted theft. It is also equipped with optical sensors for additional security.

2 x Customer Handling:
TwinFlow is a unique twin-belted solution that is capable of handling two customers with trolley size purchases simultaneously.

Right / Left Independent:
The TwinFlow 1 & 2 is symmetrical and can easily be converted to fit the store layout. This means greater flexibility and opportunities to transform the TwinFlow for future requirements.


Toshiba and ITAB Join Forces to Offer Cutting Edge Innovation in Checkout

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions announces the launch of a global alliance with ITAB Shop Concept AB to bring together Toshiba’s checkout technology and thought leadership as a global market share leader in point of sale (POS) with ITAB’s unique abilities to design and implement cutting edge and efficient store experiences. Toshiba’s enhanced self-service strategy for checkout through innovation with ITAB allows retailers to reap stronger business results through front-end optimization and expanded self-service utilization. With solutions available today, stores will be able to offer a unified shopping experience for their customers across a variety of checkout touch points.
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