SurePOS ACE is for supermarket, hypermarket, club and chain drug retailers who need more powerful capabilities at the POS and in the store, especially fuel, pharmacy, multichannel and mobile scenarios, to generate revenue and deeper customer relationships and lower TCO.


Operational Improvements:

  1. Reprint Receipt from any (front end) terminal for any other terminal
  2. Track Operator Overrides
  3. Age Restriction Retrieval at Self-Checkout
  4. Discard Scanned Date of Birth
  5. New Personalization option to modify Printer code pages

Enhanced Payments:

  1. EMV Quick Chip Performance Improvements
  2. EMV Early Contactless Tap Support
  3. EMV Fraud Prevention
  4. Early Insertion of EMV card for Refunds
  5. Alternate ID entry on the PIN pad
  6. Download multiple files to the PIN pad at once
  7. Verifone Support for PCI 4.0
  8. Verifone 24-hour PIN pad Reboot
  9. Ingenico Group Telium TETRA Lane/7000 and Lane/8000 smart terminals and accessories
  10. Ingenico Group StandardCARE and TotalCARE Services
  11. Transaction Amount Auto Void

Loss Prevention / Security:

  1. Datalogic ScaleSentry™ Loss Prevention
  2. 4690 OS Whitelisting
  3. Over / Under weight indicators

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions SurePOS ACE V8.1 and ACE/EPS V8.1 are dynamic and flexible POS applications that combine checkout support, electronic marketing, data maintenance, account management, and other business processes in a versatile, cost-saving package.

Now retailers have more tools to enhance payments capabilities, provide fraud and loss prevention solutions, improve operational efficiencies and add additional security capabilities that help to create an infrastructure as dynamic as their business and address ever changing consumer, industry and regulatory requirements.

Track Operator Overrides and reason description:

  1. Price, keyed / bypass DOB, expired license, void negative total, coupon overrides
  2. Restricted Sales, age override, quantity, limited number
  3. Weight / Volume limits, scaled & keyed
  4. Transaction discounts
  5. WIC override for items not WIC eligible, non-WIC tender in WIC transaction
  6. SurePOS ACE EPS, conditional approval, MICR not present, account #, check # not valid

Aged-Restricted Item Retrieval

  1. Prevent sale of restricted items after Suspend/Retrieve transaction


  1. EMV Contactless (Early Tap) - Enables a shopper to tap their card prior to the tender key being pressed
  2. EMV Fraud Prevention –
  3. Prevents fraudulent transactions from occurring when the chin of the EMV card is unable to be processed. Alert store personnel that there is a payment transaction needs closer examination
  4. New override settings in ACE Personalization
  5. No Override Required, Operator Override, Manager Override, and Override Not Allowed
  6. EMV Early Insertion (Refunds) - Enables a shopper to insert an EMV card early for refunds Retailers will now be able to insert their payment card for refund transactions prior to the cashier tendering the order
  7. EMV Quick Chip, performance improvements – Provides a quicker response time

Datalogic ScaleSentry™ support *

  1. The ScaleSentry™ loss prevention feature is a robust solution that ensure accurate weight is processed for weighed items such as produce, coffee, tea, nuts, etc. The ScaleSentry™ feature enables the retailer to set a variety parameters for weighted items (price per pound, PLUs, item by item inclusion and exceptions) so that ScaleSentry™ can focus on high value weighed items to reduce shrink. 
  2. The SurePOS ACE application with the ScaleSentry™ feature provides visual notifications on the Store Integrator GUI and cashier guidance when weight required items are improperly placed on the scale to collect improved weight accuracy.  Weight before, and weight after correction warnings, as well as individual cashier performance data will be logged in the TLOG for terminals, to recapture lost revenue and profit to the retailer when ScaleSentry™ solution is used.
  3. The Toshiba ScaleSentry™ solution is sold separately per ACE terminal.
    *note: Toshiba Datalogic ScaleSentry™ will be orderable/available in 2Q 2018

VeriFone Support:

  1. PCI 4.0 - For VeriFone PIN pads using a PCI 4.0 environment, the two applications, FormAgent and XPI, cannot share the MSR and RFID antenna.  Support will be added for the XPI S20 command to enable the MSR when EMV is disabled
  2. 24 Hour PIN pad Reboot - Adds two new ACE Personalization options, “Reboot Notification Time” and “Reboot Time” to define when PIN pads reboot to support VeriFone’s PCI 4.0 reboot functionality
  3. XPI Reset Application - After the D-commands or config.ini TGZ files have been downloaded to the PIN Pad device, a NEW XPI Reset (M42) command to restart the XPI application is sent to the device
  4. Discard Scanned Date of Birth – Ability to configure ACE to avoid storing any information scanned from an identification card (e.g. Driver’s License) to comply with local and state government legislation.
  5. Store and Forward on Refunds - New option to allow a customer to disallow SAFs of refunds.  The new option is tender type-specific so a retailer can decide to disallow SAFs of debit refunds, however, allow SAFs of credit refunds, or allow SAFs of refunds for certain types of credit cards.
  6. Over / Under Weight Indicators – New display notifications will displayed for both full screen terminals and SI GUI when items being weighed are over the scale capacity, the scale registers less than 0, or the scale device sends other unspecified errors to the terminal, to notify the user of the new message in the Scale Window.

Ingenico Group Support:

  1. Telium TETRA range of payment solutions, beginning with the sleek and efficient Lane/7000 and Lane/8000 smart terminals and accessories, to support in-lane grocery, pharmacy and retail markets.
  2. Certification to the latest industry security standards, including PCI PTS v5.
  3. Ability to accept new and emerging forms of payment including magstripe, EMV chip & pin, EMV chip & sign and NFC/contactless, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  4. Certification for eWIC (Women, Infants and Children), enabling payments to be made through electronic benefits transfer (EBT) smart cards.
  5. Repair and Warranty Services offered through StandardCARE as well as Advanced Replacement Services offered through TotalCARE

PIN Pad enablement:

  1. Download multiple TGZ files to PIN pad - A new personalization option to manage and load up to 8 TGZ files to a PIN pad with a single download.  Provides flexibility in managing applications, OS updates, hotfixes, form decks, and configurations across PIN pads to multiple stores, lanes, banners, subsidiaries, and geography.
  2. Enter alternate ID on Pin pad - Enables a shopper to enter an Alternate ID for customer number at the PIN pad for loyalty, identification.


  1. v4 File Format Support – State agency rollouts of this feature may be scattered so ACE will support both Version 2 and Version 4 of the WIC Input and Output Files
  2. Processing of Department Keyed Coupons – Coupon is added to a transaction that includes a WIC item and when the transaction is tendered with online WIC the coupon is applied to WIC item
  3. Coupon Tax Adjustment - Taxable totals are updated to remove the items' taxable amount from the taxable totals per every tax plan they apply to. When coupons are awarded to WIC, those coupons follow the same process, since taxes are being forgiven during this process, a coupon will increase the taxable amount to “return” the amount of tax it reduced when it applied to the transaction


4690 Whitelisting Support:

Restricts non registered applications and processes from executing in the operating system:

  1. Report all. A trace entry is written for all files opened in read or execute mode.
  2. Report Exceptions. A trace entry is written for all files opened in read or execute mode that fail the hash validation.
  3. Protection. Same as "Report Exceptions", plus, open file access is rejected for files that fail the hash validation.


Reprint Receipt:

  1. Ability to search for and reprint sales receipts from previous transactions.
  2. New personalization option to define # of days to save receipts.
  3. Search by customer (loyalty #, alt ID), date, time (hour), terminal #, transaction #, amount *.
  4. Define reprint receipt heading in personalization.
  5. A new option drop down menu named “Printer Code Page”, will be added to Personalization, Print, 4610 Specific, General that will have a list of code pages available to configure 4610 Printers to print the correct characters on the receipt for a country.

 Hardware Supported*

4690 OS V6R5 Classic Controller: (Minimum/Maximum Memory)

256 MB/1GB




4690 OS V6R5 Enhanced Controller: (Minimum Memory)

* Reference the 4690 OS Controller Matrix for supported Lenovo System x, Toshiba SurePOS, and Toshiba TCx controller systems (*See URL below).

512 MB

  • Using Classic to Enhanced (C2E) tool with 4690 OS V6.4
  • 1 GB
  • SurePOS 4800-C84 or later
  • 1 GB


4690 OS V6R5 Classic Terminal (Minimum Memory)‡

  • With Java
  • With PIN Pad Controller (for EMV)
  • 256 MB
  • With Java
  • With SI GUI Single Screen (with or without PIN Pad Controller)
  • 512 MB
  • With Java
  • With SI GUI Dual Screen (with or without PIN Pad Controller)
  • 512 MB

Maximum terminal memory - 512 MB (for those 4694 and SurePOS 700  terminals that can run 512 MB)


1.  Additional terminal memory may be required if the SI GUI is used for complex graphical information.
2.  If SI's Digital Receipts capability is used, the minimum system required on the terminal is a 4800-743 with a 2.0 GHz processor.
3.  Only the SurePOS 700 Series and selected models of the SurePOS 4694 POS System can run Java applications.


4690 OS V6R5 Enhanced Terminals (Minimum Memory)**

  • Without Java
  • 512 MB
  • When running MBrowser 31.8, Java, or TDK8
  • 1 GB


  1. The maximum terminal memory used by 4690 OS is 1 GB. In enhanced mode, the hardware abstraction layer can make use of code above the 1 GB limit when running a TDK 8 application such as RMA. TDK8 applications can use memory up to 4 GB maximum.
  2. If using SI V4R1/2 with Dual Display then the Enhanced Terminals may need more than 1GB RAM as each display is now a separate JVM.

TCx™ Sky V1.0 Hardware Requirements:

  • Minimum memory requirement: 2GB
  • Minimum HDD/SDD for Controller: 64GB
  • Minimum HDD/SSD for Terminals that utilize an HDD/SSD: 64GB

See the Toshiba TCx™ Sky Version 1 Announcement Letter 70070 dated January 10, 2018 for list of System Units supported by TCx Sky.

Software Requirements

  • SurePOS ACE V8.1 and ACE/EPS V8.1 requires one of the following:
  • 4690 OS V6.5 0HN0, or later.
  • TCx™ Sky V1.1
  • Data Integration Facility (DIF) V2.3 CSD1 and above or DIF 3.1

The following are the required levels for optional additional software:

  • Remote Master Agent (RMA) 3.2.2, or later
  • Store Integrator Graphical User Interface (SI GUI) V4.1.  However, SI GUI V4.2 SP1 is required for the Enhanced Reprint functionality.
  • Data Integration Facility (DIF) V3.2, or later


The SI GUI is written in Java and runs in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) of the 4690 OS. This GUI allows graphics and touch capability to be added at the terminal on top of an existing POS application, such as ACE.

The SI GUI is a comprehensive set of Java components that enable rapid development of touch-based applications. Through an XML-based configuration facility, SI GUI allows non-programming skilled personnel to easily customize and maintain touch screens that interact with the application. Through the JVM capability, clients using 4690 OS now have a method to turn their ACE application into a touch solution with little or no changes to the base code, ideally protecting their investment.

SurePOS ACE Toolkit requires:

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows 7
  • IBM VisualAge® V3.6 C++ (VA C++) compiler


This toolkit helps developers and Business Partners extend the ACE application including rebuilding executables with third-party applications. The development toolkit supports both controller and terminal code. For more information about the Toolkit, refer to the SurePOS ACE Programming Reference.

For information on obtaining a copy of this compiler use Knowledgebase Search on the following website and search on VA C++



ACE V8.1 does not support the following when running as a 4690 Client:

  • A RS-232 serial attached scanner or scale
  • A RS-232 serial attached POS printer


Peripherals (Optional)

Displays (Up to Two)

Toshiba SurePoint™ Solution (touch and nontouch)

2x20 alphanumeric display

Full-screen video

  • Video Graphics Array (VGA) displays
  • DisplayPort


Handheld scanner





  • 50-key POS keyboards
  • 67-key POS keyboards*

Alphanumeric POS keyboards

Matrix keyboard

1/2/3 track keyboard magnetic stripe reader (MSR)


Select models of VeriFone, Ingenico® and Hypercom™


Select models of Toshiba SureMark Printers

Toshiba Model 3/4 POS printers

Toshiba Fiscal printers (ask your local representative)


Additional Options

Cash drawer (dual support)


Programmable power

Coin dispenser



Limited warranty applies 


Limited warranty

Toshiba warrants that when the program is used in the specified operating environment, it will conform to its specifications. The warranty applies only to the unmodified portion of the program. Toshiba does not warrant uninterrupted or error free operation of the program or that Toshiba will correct all program defects. You are responsible for the results obtained from the use of the program.

Toshiba provides you with access to Toshiba databases containing information on known program defects, defect corrections, restrictions, and bypasses at no additional charge. For further information, consult the Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Software Support Handbook found at: Support Handbook Link

Toshiba will maintain this information for at least one year after the original licensee acquires the program (warranty period).