TCx™ Elevate

TCx™ Elevate

TCx Elevate is an integrated digital commerce platform that brings all your channels, touchpoints and apps together to create engaging customer experiences, improve productivity and increase profits. TCx Elevate provides a bridge to a whole new generation of technologies that will power the future of commerce. Whether you’re a large multi-national chain or an independent retailer, TCx Elevate gives you the capacity to implement innovative and impactful technologies at your own pace.

TCx™ Elevate unifies disparate applications, use cases and POS related experiences to provide a more cohesive and comprehensive in-store commerce footprint. The TCx Elevate family of applications, and services, provides retailers with a way to unify and enhance their existing commerce infrastructure without having to modify the underlying business logic or process.

TCx Elevate Version 1 Release 3 (V1R3) combines core client platforms (fixed and mobile) with convergence of consumer mobile and is focused on investment protection, reducing IT impact, and simplifying integration with existing enterprise systems and partner ecosystem services, while protecting core functionalities to minimize risks.

TCx Elevate for the fixed POS energizes the traditional checkout lane with the ability to support a growing list of new shopper and associate experiences and contains all of the necessary components that allow these lanes to take full advantage of the features and functions of Elevate. It comes with the TCx Elevate core platform, the TCx Elevate WebPOS client and three client apps (Terminal Utilities, Associate Pre-Scan and Terminal Marketing).

Elevate for Associate Mobile POS (Android OS) opens up numerous use cases for Retailers such as curb-side pickup, tent sales, in-isle shopper engagement and associate line busting 

TCx Elevate provides a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Automated Self-Scan
  • Click and Collect
  • Pick and Pay
  • Digital Pricing
  • Payments
  • POS Enablement of Pre-Scan, Marketing and Utilities
  • Associate Line Busting (ALB)
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Application Consolidation

Grow at your own pace
The TCx Elevate platform enables Toshiba 4690 clients to add and extend the value of their investments at their own pace by allowing for the introduction of new capabilities in more efficient ways that are ideal for today’s dynamic fast paced retail environment – an environment focused on seamless engagement, cloud deployment, big data processing and IoT enablement.

  • A modular set of capabilities that you can implement as you grow to optimize your retail environment
  • Add to existing Toshiba POS environments without modifying core business logic
  • Avoid the risks of rip & replace
  • Take advantage of Toshiba’s pre-built applications or build your own using the TCx Elevate Toolkit (available only with Enterprise licenses)
  • Implement new ways to engage and motivate shoppers

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Modernize your Commerce Technology

TCx Elevate Version 1 Release 3 introduces new platform APIs & Services for print, receipt, event, catalog import, systems management and updates to omni order services, along with WebPOS Client updates related to retrieving orders on mobile devices, browser security, improved reliability and serviceability including failover and recover, and a training mode that allows store associates to run transactions against a dummy POS instance. Visual Store POS and TCxTM Sky are also now supported by the TCx Elevate platform.

Empower your Store Associates

  • Augment the Associate’s POS display with the visual integration of multiple applications
  • Streamline common store operations with convenient terminal utilities
  • Reduce customer wait times with pre-scan capabilities

Extend Beyond Your Boundaries

TCx Elevate WebPOS uses the latest web technologies to enable high configurability, extensibility and modularity as well as modern omni-channel use cases such as buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup. Improvements to TCx Elevate WebPOS include:

  • Training Mode Design - allows store associates to run transactions against a temporary POS instance.
  • Transaction Retrieval on Mobile Devices- ability to retrieve suspended transactions on a mobile device.
  • Currency & Security enhancements to ensure compliance
  • Failover Support - ability for the client to connect to a backup server

Enable your Point-of-Sale Platform

  • Platform Core Interactions - Services & APIs - The core interactions define the engagement model by which other applications can interface with the platform. TCx Elevate V1R3 introduces an additional handful of services and service updates that improve this model:
    • POS Print Service - is a service that enables users to customize and print receipts using pre-defined templates.
    • POS Receipt Service - a service that allows for pre-pending and post-pending to a sales receipt, printing separate receipts and adding print messages within the receipt body.
    • POS Event Service – Ability to register for transaction events for items (add, void, return), coupons, tender (add, void), customer, totals and transaction status (start, end, void, suspend).
    • POS System Management Service - Ability for devices and applications to send alerts and notifications through the Platform
    • POS Item Import Service – ability to add items to the POS item catalog (product bar code, bar code type, dept, price, description).
    • Omni Order Service Improvements - events for better handling in-store order transitions (i.e. new, processing, fulfilled) and identifying point-of-origin.

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Software requirements for Toshiba TCx Elevate Solution:

TCx Elevate WebPOS:

  • 4690 OS (Enhanced version - V6R5 and above)
  • ACE V7R5 CSD2 and above
  • SI V4R1 and above

TCx Elevate POS Enablement Platform:

  • 4690 OS (Enhanced version - V6R5 and above)
  • ACE V7R5 and above
  • SI V4R1 and above
  • SA Version S001 or later
  • GSA Version Q001 or later

Hardware requirements for Toshiba TCxTM Elevate Solution:

TCx Elevate WebPOS and TCxTM Elevate Enablement Platform: 

  • Enhanced Controllers: 4800-C45/C85, 4900-C46/C86 or above with 4GB of memory. Controller with solid state disk is recommended.
  • Enhanced Terminal: Minimum 4800-745 and above with 4GB memory, suitable to support one or two touch displays

With TCx™ Elevate, we are shifting our mindset away from POS to Points-of-Service and ultimately enabling Endless Points of Experience by embracing a platform approach that makes the following promises:

  • Commits to delivering speed of innovation, faster time-to-value as our customers deploy new capabilities in support of their business priorities.  Not only from a technology perspective, but also a model that aligns measurable business value to how they invest in their own growth.
  • Commits to enabling an evolutionary path forward that fortifies our customers’ existing IT investments. This path fundamentally embraces a present and future, where cloud, mobile and the connected landscape of retail, continue to advance.

The goal is to make it easier for software developers to adopt and build on the Elevate platform, and the way we will do that is by creating the Elevate Ecosystem program.  

The Elevate Ecosystem Program will be a commercial and technical partnership program for industry application software developers wanting to create brilliant experiences through TCx™ Elevate. 

The Elevate Ecosystem will:

  • Deliver a simple to understand partnership program
  • Have a clearly defined application integration and test methodology
  • Support Elevate Software Partners with performance-based marketing rewards
  • Provide access to Toshiba’s world-class support team
  • Be a global program, regionally executed, to create a consistent way to engage Toshiba - wherever you are around the world.

The TCx™ Elevate platform that will support the Elevate Ecosystem program will come in our V1R3 release, scheduled to be available in early 2019.  But, don’t wait! 

  • We want any ISV’s or software developers, plus any customers who have ISV’s in mind that you’d like us to engage, to come talk to us now.
  • Please express your interest TODAY by completing the form below:

The Elevate Ecosystem Business Development team will contact you to learn more about what you can offer and to share how you can get involved in the Ecosystem Program.