TCx™ Vector

TCx Vector is Toshiba’s breakthrough promotion and loyalty solution that is designed to optimize shopper interactions and sales outcomes while maximizing promotions ROI. Connect with customers at critical decision points before, during and after every transaction. Toshiba’s TCx Vector has the flexibility to help any retailer leverage insights at the intersection of consumers, technology and the store.

1. Industry-leading reporting and analytics capability

Easily visualize complex and disparate data streams to quickly understand and measure the success of your promotions activity. TCx Vector's sophisticated analytics and reporting capability allows retailers to better understand past performance and use insights to maximize segmentation and targeting - ultimately creating more relevant and compelling offers, to optimize promotion redemption and campaign ROI.

2. Deliver unique and personalized experiences with omni-channel integration API's

Customers expect that their relationship with a retailer - including their unique shopper identity, personalization and benefits - to be consistent and transcend channel barriers. TCx Vector provides API's to support integration across a wide range of enterprise applications, establishing promotional consistency across consumer touch points including fuel, pharmacy, mobile shopping, web commerce, kiosk - ensuring the delivery of consistent promotions and a unified brand message to your customers where they shop and how they shop.

3. Promotion setup enables powerful, complex segmentation and targeting

Unlike competitors that use UPC's to define promotions, TCx Vector also allows retailers to group customers using attributes, demographic information, buying patterns or virtually any other data you have available in the enterprise to create highly-targeted offers with greater redemption rates - increasing total basket size and improving the customer experience. Deliver targeted promotions to your customers that better address their specific needs and wants.

4. User-friendly UI tool for reporting, analytics, and promotion creation

TCx Vector's easy-to-use drag and drop UI allows retailers to reduce IT involvement in promotional planning and implementation. Non-technical interface naturally extends normal business logic, allowing retail marketing professionals to quickly and easily create and execute promotions, eliminating complex code changes and side-stepping the typical IT bottleneck for promotion deployment.

5. Minimize hardware footprint in the store

TCx Vector is tightly integrated with Toshiba's POS applications - including SurePOS™ ACE and 4680-4690 Supermarket Application (SA) - and can leverage 4690 controllers that are already in the store - requiring no additional hardware in stores running ACE or SA POS.

6. Meet your promotions and loyalty needs now and in the future - with a solution that is flexible, highly scalable, and extensible

TCx Vector can empower any retailer to leverage insights at the intersection of consumers, technology and the store. No matter where your company lies on the promotions continuum - from simple coupons to complex multi-week stacked promotions capability - with TCx Vector, Toshiba helps retailers evolve and deliver more sophisticated promotions and loyalty capability. Transform your anonymous customers into loyal brand advocates.

7. Deploy anywhere

Cloud, enterprise, terminal, controller… doesn't matter with TCx Vector! Retailers can reap the benefits of this powerful promotions and loyalty solution regardless of their store infrastructure constraints.

8. Fast, efficient and reliable

Customer transactions are optimized for throughput speed via multi-threading, workload balancing, memory caching and other advanced performance techniques. In addition, promotion rules and select customer data reside at store level to ensure customer gets expected benefits even if your store systems are offline.


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