VisualStore Suite

VisualStore Suite

With Toshiba VisualStore Suite V5.3, retailers can engage and energize customers to shop by delivering better service and better access to information through smarter sales associates and a variety of touch-points in the store.


● Sales application support for a variety of devices and store touch-points
● Flexible rule-based promotion engine and campaign management
● Central control capability across stores
● Ready for mobile and omni-channel

To satisfy the demands of this economy’s savvy, well-informed shopper, retailers—especially those with multi-format departments or chains of stores—are looking for ways to attract new customers and grow existing customers into advocates. Toshiba VisualStore Suite V5.3 provides a set of modular selling and promotions tools that extend feature-rich, front-end checkout capabilities to POS and self-service devices through every corner of every store—all while controlling costs and improving operations.

Drive a smarter customer experience

With Toshiba VisualStore Suite V5.3, retailers can engage and energize customers to shop by delivering better service and better access to information through smarter sales associates and a variety of touch-points in the store. VisualStore integrates sales, services and promotions into the customer relationship management (CRM) process so that shoppers receive a personalized experience. The versatile, modular solution provides a unified platform that now includes also the support of mobile shopping in the store, e.g. with Toshiba TCxAmplify, and the interaction with external ecommerce sites and other retail applications. It allows new marketing strategies to reach stores rapidly and makes cross selling opportunities more visible. As a result, sales opportunities are maximized, checkouts are simpler and faster, customers are satisfied and their loyalty to your brand grows.



Multi-store architecture

  • Multiple logical sub-stores can be managed from a single server. Each store is characterized by its own department structure, items, promotions, etc. Users may be authorized to work in one or more stores, according to their rights.

Touch screen

  • The VisualStore touch screen system enables the use of a touch screen at the POS for the operator interface. The POS screen acts as a programmable keyboard that can be modified dynamically. It displays application messages and data to the operators and accepts input data that is passed to the application. A graphical maintenance utility at the server enables the design of the touch screen pages that can be sent in real time to the POS. The touch screen maintenance allows the retailer to define different templates so that it will be possible to assign different templates to registers installed in the store (for example, if there is a coffee shop in the store, its register could have a different touch screen layout).

Implementation options

  • Variety of implementation options across the store chains: 1) Collapsed version where the store VS POS and VS Server are both installed on a POS terminal; 2) Standard configuration where the store VS Server runs on a dedicated server and VS POS runs on the POS terminal; 3) Extended configuration with the addition of central applications that run at the head office. 4) For smaller stores groups/chains it is possible to use a remote VS Server.

Same sales application on different devices

  • The front end application VisualStore POS is available not only on POS terminals, but also on PC based scales, kiosks, mobile terminals etc.

UNICODE implementation

  • Currently available in 12 languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Flemish, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish.

Document formatter tool

  • Enables users to design document layout, style and graphics (e.g. logos) according to specific needs. Applies to sales and return receipts, credit notes, invoices, checks, etc.

Report generator tool

  • Offers retailers full flexibility to construct reports.


  • Several software development toolkits (SDKs) are available to extend the solution in an easy, flexible way: EFT, POS printer, loyalty API, Java extensions.

VS Self Scanning

  • Provides an additional interactive channel with consumers, enabling also targeted promotions and communications. VS Self Scanning has a unique capability of running a complete sales application on the mobile terminals. The check-out can done be done at normal POS or at Self Payment station. The solution can also be implemented in a full Mobile POS for queue busting or as a replacement of a POS

VS Self Checkout

  • Is a complete and flexible solution, supporting a variety of implementation options, addressing specific requirements and deployment scenarios. Two different versions are managed: a standard version, based on TGCS Self Checkout System 6 hardware, and a Light version (without security control).

VS Self Payment Stations

  • VisualStore manages both cashless pay-station and Cash Recycler pay-station that is the VisualStore integration with Glory Cash Recycler (coins and banknotes) for customer self payment solutions. Audio is supported for self devices, based on Nuance software

VS Smarter Checkout

  • Allows multiple applications to coexist and interact at the POS; supports a dual touch displays for customer interaction at the POS and it supports complex processes for Smarter Commerce scenarios.

VS Scales

  • VisualStore is implemented on the new generation of smart scales. It runs natively on self service (produce weighing), pre-packed scales, checkout scales and service scales (e.g. at deli counter). The PC based scales, with enhanced graphics and dual displays, opens a new communication channel with consumers.

VS Configurator

  • Enables the retailer to create or change VisualStore parameters centrally and to deploy them to any store and any device.

VS Promotion

  • Enables the user to define a very wide range of offers and promotions with a flexible, rule-based approach. It is designed to allow retailers to create new promotions quickly and easily in order to meet their marketing targets. The optional VS Promotion module allows retailers to centrally define, deploy and manage all promotions across the store network in a consistent and effective way.

VS Gift Card

  • Optional module that manages prepaid gift cards that can be used as a tender for subsequent purchases within the store network.

VS Loyalty

  • Central application to manage the entire process related to the loyalty programs and CRM initiatives. Works in combination with VS Promotion to create campaigns targeted to loyalty customer groups. It manages customer databases, customer clustering, loyalty cards, points, accrual and redemption, gift catalogues, queries and reports.

VS Messaging


  • Optional module for automated outbound communications (SMS/MMS, email) toward customers for micro-marketing initiatives.
VS Central Report
  • VS Central Report module provides the possibility to collect the revenue and all the transaction data of a store chain in a single central site.

Fiscal version

  • VisualStore can be implemented in both “non-fiscal” and “fiscal” environments

Web Admin client

  • VisualStore server can be remotely managed using a browser.

VS Virtual Sales Service

  • The VisualStore Virtual Sales Service is an infrastructure that executes sales transactions in a virtual environment, independent from the POS and other front-end devices. VS Virtual Sales provide the possibility to use the VS POS sales engine in a multichannel and remote access environment (cell and smart phone).

VS Mobile Shopper

  • The Mobile Shopper solution use the VisualStore Virtual Sales Service infrastructure to implement smart phone sales. The customer can use it’s own mobile smart phone in a VS transaction by downloading an App that make him connected to the customer wifi allowing to start the sale activity.


Hardware supported

VS Server 1

Servers running Microsoft® Windows® or SUSE Linux® Enterprise Point of Service 11


Toshiba SurePOS 700 Series
Toshiba SurePOS 500 Series
Toshiba SurePOS 300 Series
Toshiba TCxWave
Toshiba TCxFlight
Wincor-Nixdorf Beetle/ i8

VS Scale


VS Self Scanning

VS Self Checkout



VS central modules 2

Select models of Bizerba and Mettler-Toledo scales

Motorola MC17 (Windows CE V5)
Datalogic Joya

Toshiba SCS System 6, ITAB MoveFlow

Intel servers

Operating systems supported

VS Server 2

Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows 2008, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11


Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service, Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit),
SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11

VS Central modules 2

Windows 2003/2008 Server

Other software prerequisites

For VS Server 2

Database DB2® Express V9 or Oracle 11g

For VS central modules 2

Database DB2 Express V9 and WebSphere® Application Server Express V8.5, Oracle Database Enterprise 11g and Bea WebLogic 11g

Peripherals (optional)

Displays 2

Toshiba SurePoint™ touch displays
2x20 Alphanumeric displays (LCD/VFD)
PC displays

Scanners 2

Handheld scanners
Scanners and scanner/scales

Keyboards 2

Toshiba POS 67-key keyboards
Keypad on Toshiba SurePoint display

Printers 2

Selected models of Toshiba SureMark™ Printers

Additional options 2

Cash drawer (dual support)
Magnetic strip reader (MSR)

1 Minimum recommendation is 2 x SCSI 340 GB hard drives and 1 GB memory

2 For further details, please, refer to the VisualStore Installation Guide