TCx™ Sky Operating System

TCx™ Sky Operating System

TCx™ Sky V1.2 is 4690 reinvented. The ready-for-anything point-of-sale platform with over 1M installations and more than 30 years of proven rock solid reliability, unrivalled safety and security of customer and retailer data.


  • Extend your retail business using embedded commercial grade Wind River® Linux 8 , 64-bit from Intel WIND™
  • Keep systems safe using industry standard Secure Shell (SSH) (replacing 4690 specific versions)
  • Create versatile and stylish shopping experiences on the Toshiba TCxWave™, TCx™ 700, and TCx™ 300
  • Adapt easily to changing demands using the Toshiba Development Kit 8 (TDK8)
  • Implement new functions easily using Python and the launch utility for Python Editor IDLE
  • Deliver retail's newest trends with Mbrowser 52.2
  • Install and apply software maintenance via USB key
  • Remote console capability from Netop® Remote Control (sold separately)

Ready for Anything

TCx™ Sky V1.2 follows the 4690 tradition of robust functionality and rock-solid reliability. Powered by Intel WIND™, Toshiba TCx™ Sky takes store systems to new levels of performance offering the speed of change demanded by the retail industry, improving the customer experience, expanding operational functions, opening new revenue opportunities, unleashing innovation and taking the retail experience to the next level.

Rock Solid Reliability

TCx™ Sky brings new Linux technology while preserving the reliability you expect from Toshiba. Built upon Intel’s Wind River embedded Linux, TCx™ Sky now operates in a 64-bit environment that is compatible with the latest system architectures. We partner with industry leaders like Intel, as well as Netop for Remote Control and Multifactor Authentication, and McAfee Embedded Control for TCx Sky and ePolicy Orchestrator (available December 31, 2018), because we recognize the pace of change demanded by consumers and the how this requires retailers to have an infrastructure that can change & grow quickly.  

High Availability is built-in with a Multiple Controller Feature capability that enables seamless store server failover capabilities, allowing stores to keep trading seamlessly in the event of a physical hardware failure.  Virtual Controller Feature enables enterprise server consolidation, new computing models, and flexible server hardware options.

TCx™ Sky’s deep retail peripheral device instrumentation places more information in the hands of operations professionals, giving greater visibility at the systems management console of store IT and device status. This capability dramatically improves diagnostic ability to identify IT issues before they occur, reducing outages and lost revenue.

Safe and Secure

With TCx™ Sky you know you have a trusted platform that minimizes risk.  As a safeguard, TCx™ Sky also provides file system whitelisting for POS specific files, solidifying system images and allowing centralized auditing and signed update deployment via automatic unlocking capabilities. File system whitelisting can be enhanced with McAfee Embedded Control for TCx™ Sky when paired with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (available December 31, 2018).
Netop Remote Control for TCx™ Sky enables full graphical remote control of controllers and/or terminals based on centralized governance of access rights and security policies. Multifactor authentication can be implemented to ensure secure, safe connections from a known and trusted source. Netop Remote Control can be used to not only remotely access TCx™ Sky systems, but also Microsoft Windows systems, gas pumps and other store technologies without graphical interfaces while maintaining compliance with PCIDSS, HIPAA, FIPS and other industry standards.

Retailers can also deploy a centralized security management dashboard, with streamlined workflows and drag-and-drop functionality, to provide visual security intelligence across TCx™ Sky and Microsoft Windows systems environments.
The Sky’s the Limit!

Feature Benefits
Updated Linux Kernel to 64 bit Wind River Linux 8
  • The convenience of a commercial grade Linux retail optimized infrastructure, but none of the tedious implementation and guess work of deploying Linux
Industry Standard Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Secure Shell provides strong authentication and secure encrypted data communications between two computers connecting to an insecure network. SSH client and server use digital signatures to verify their identity. Additionally, all communication between the client and server systems is encrypted.
File system Whitelisting
Mbrowser 52.2
Python scripting language
Toshiba Development Kit 8
Deep sleep and power management
Device instrumentation and attributes expanded—by leveraging RMA 3.2.2 (sold separately)
Software distribution leveraging RMA V3.2.2 (sold separately)
Install and apply software maintenance via USB key
SkyCheck Utility
New Toshiba retail terminals - including new models of the TCx™700, TCx™300, and TCxWave
Virtual controller
Directory services
Security measures extend list of best practices—in support of PCI DSS
Network load of diagnostics
TCP/IP diagnostic aids
  • Tools now provided to reduce debug time and minimize outages.
Easy administration
  • Background tasks may now be restarted from a predefined location, improving ease of use by eliminating tedious time-consuming tasks for administrators.
  • Supplementals may now be created on CD, DVD or memory key, providing greater flexibility for recovery and other administrative tasks.
Remote Management Agent Master Agent
(on controller) – now sold separately
  • Eliminates need for an additional system, reducing cost for retailers.
Toshiba TCx Sky Premium Enablement for Netop® (per terminal)
  • Provides the infrastructure required to run Netop® Remote Control on the Toshiba OS terminals and TCx Sky Store Controllers. Enables Netop® Guest to access a full graphic remote control UI, access to controls and supplemental menus, PCI-compliant logging and complete screen recordings, and central governance of access rights and security policies. (Requires: Terminal Configured with System Video)


Toshiba TCxSky Technical Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • Minimum 2GB of memory
  • 64-bit enabled processor and chipset
  • 64GB or greater HDD/SSD for Controller
  • 64GB or greater HDD/SSD for Terminals that utilize an HDD/SSD

System Units Supported

Name   Machine Type   Model
TCxWave™   6140   100, 120, A3R, 14C, 145, 15C, 155
TCx™700   4900   746, 786, C46, C86
SurePOS 700   4900   745, 785, C45, C85
SurePOS 700   4800   C43, F43, 743, 783, C84, 784
TCx™300   4810   360, 370, 380
SurePOS 300   4810   350

Select models of the following IBM / Lenovo Series x servers*

  • HS23 Blade Server
  • HS12 Blade Server
  • x3250M5
  • x3100M5
  • x3300M4
  • x3250M4
  • x3100M4

Software Requirements

  • Java applications must be able to run on TDK8 (OpenJDK8 based)*see note 
  • OS will run on Linux layer
  • OS (Linux layer) extensions must be validated in 64-bit environment
  •  Remote Management Agent V3.2.2 (now sold separately)

Note: The functions providing an interface to serial devices from Java is deprecated and will be removed from TCx Sky packages at the end of 2019.  RxTx , an open source alternative, is provided in TCx Sky V1.2 to allow applications sufficient time to make the needed changes to move to the new interface.

View full Technical Specifications

Title Language   Version   Size
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