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Here to help you bring it all together brilliantly

Every retail environment must be able to carry out best practices, clearly define their strategy, and re-think their processes to improve productivity and maximize ROI.

Knowing pays

Our brilliant consulting services provide retail, business and IT expertise to help define retail strategy, implement best practices and re-engineer processes to improve productivity and maximize ROI. You can count on us to improve performance through business value assessment, store strategy and visioning, front-end design and optimization plus data analysis. Consulting Services can result in better return on investments, identifying and driving new opportunities for growth, realizing operational savings, and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Brilliant Commerce starts here.

Each client is unique, and we take the time to find out why. We listen, give constructive feedback and analyze your current solutions. Whether we work with you to implement a business value assessment, data analysis, store strategy or front-end design, our tools and methodologies are proven and geared toward improving the consumer experience. We provide you with options as well as recommendations to enable success. Our depth of industry knowledge and retail experience combined with data gathered from one of the largest POS install bases make Toshiba the ideal business partner. No matter where you are in your retail solution journey, we can get you to the next level.

Know your worth

Toshiba’s commerce experts will work with you to calculate the business value of your retail technology solutions. This will help determine optimal areas for investment, anticipated returns, and the important process of articulating business value to your internal stakeholders.

“Use of the Toshiba touchscreens has given us a number of advantages. As the survey is quick and easy to use we have significantly increased the number of customers responding to us. As it provides real-time feedback, we can start to track customer responses across different times of the day and days of the week, giving our operational management teams valuable insight into store performance within a clear frame of reference.” - Waitrose, Service Innovation Manager 

We can see the future

Retail strategy and visioning is more important than ever for creating the “Store of the Future.” Together we’ll create a brilliant future vision that directly aligns your strategy with industry trends and insights including store footprints, design, experience and utilization of technology that will work on every level.

"Having a seamless solution to provide our customers new methods of checkout and payment options allows for the continued customer service that is ubiquitous with real,- hypermarkets." - Division Manager/IT, real,-

Designed to sell

The shopper’s experience depends on the design of the retail space. Let us develop brilliant front-end layout and solution mix recommendations for your retail environments. Our commerce experts can provide proven designs that drive enriched shopping experiences and most efficiently utilize your valuable retail space.

Putting data to work

Having data is not enough; you have to know how to use it. Our team of commerce experts can provide brilliant business improvement data analysis from lab, pilot or live-store deployments to optimize performance and get the return on investment you need.