Global Services Overview

Global Services Overview | Toshiba Commerce

Committed to keeping you brilliant

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions combines deep retail expertise with a broad portfolio of services and solutions to help retailers deliver enriched shopping experiences, gather actionable insights and provide a frictionless checkout. It’s what we call Brilliant Commerce™.


Toshiba Global Services combines 140 years of innovative technology with extensive retail experience.
Today’s retail environment is constantly changing. Shoppers create new demands on retailers to keep up with their expectations. Disruptive technologies create new ways to engage and motivate consumers to action. We are here to help you respond. Toshiba Global Services combines a rich history of innovative technology with vast experience and specialization in retail to serve clients better. We are dedicated to enabling new revenue streams, equipping retailers with innovative tools and technology, and quickly resolving issues in order to ensure efficient and effective day-to-day operations.

The path to Brilliant Commerce™ is paved with brilliant services.
Our Consulting, Professional, Managed, and Client Services professionals provide the insights and foresight to help make your vision and investments come to life – to enable your Brilliant Commerce future. We understand retail isn’t simply one size fits all. Our dedicated teams have worked extensively in a variety of retail environments—from well-established brick and mortar to highly personalized consumer engagement strategies and everything that connects them.

Integrated services as unique as your business.
Whether you have five stores or a global presence, Toshiba is prepared to handle whatever you’re currently facing and anticipate in the future environment. Toshiba is committed to partnering with clients in order to provide highly-tailored solutions based on specific retail needs. We begin by consulting with you and providing a thorough assessment of where your business is and where you’d like it to be. From the strategic recommendation, we create the optimal solution, combining each retailer’s software and hardware solutions from Toshiba as well as other vendors. Appropriate solutions are then deployed, enabling you to concentrate on other matters. We make sure all systems are go, and that they stay that way in order to prevent revenue loss and gain satisfied customers.