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Professional Services | Toshiba Commerce

Brilliant services

Across the board our team of services experts have the solutions you need to keep sales up and business running smoothly.

We are pro retail

Professional services enhance, extend and support our industry-leading POS technology to create tailored solutions that deliver real value for retailers. Our extensive team of services professionals allows Toshiba to make solutions come to life, to meet specific retailer requirements, and to fit seamlessly within your IT environment. Across a wide array of solution areas, Toshiba Professional Services has deep expertise to meet just about all your retail store needs.

“Our vision is to enhance our customer engagement, and the selection of Toshiba POS technology and services will help further our omni-channel growth objectives.” - Chief Information Officer, Petco

Integrated solutions for a seamless customer experience.
What works in one location or channel may not work in another. That is as true for different businesses as it is for different stores within the same company. We start with your existing software, hardware and IT environment, then tailor and enhance technology in order to equip you with ideal solutions to meet your business objectives. That applies to store layout, promotions, mobile app integration, and everything in between. Using advanced IT strategies and engagement processes, we help create optimized consumer experiences that lead to frictionless checkout. Wherever and whenever you’re looking for new solutions, Toshiba stands ready to perform.

Up-to-date and out-in-front

Success in a retail environment means getting the most out of every application. Toshiba’s operational efficiency services works with you to turn on and change current capabilities to the most recent ones available within your existing solutions. Feature and function enhancements are available to extend and even develop new adjacent capabilities of Toshiba-developed applications.

Retail on a unified front

In order for retail to work brilliantly it has to work together seamlessly, from one end to the other. That’s why Toshiba’s Integration Services delivers design and execution between store and enterprise systems. As well as offering the store systems integration between retail and related systems you need to increase sales and customer loyalty. 

Here to help

You can always count on us for extended, multi-year software support contracts for legacy Toshiba applications. But our support doesn’t stop there. We have customized education offerings to ensure thorough knowledge transfer related to all of our brilliant enhancements and product customizations. Through engagement management you can count on our experts to provide project leadership to assist in the implementation and oversight of deploying new technology or optimizing it over time.