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Brilliant Commerce

Today’s shoppers demand personalized and engaging shopping experiences. Toshiba’s consumer-centric, retailer-specific expertise helps retailers improve the shopping experience, gather data-driven insights that increase sales, and ensure a quick, secure checkout.
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Enriched Shopping

Shoppers have become accustomed to having everything they want. By combining the relevant information, entertainment and interaction customers demand, we brilliantly craft shopping experiences that help influence point-of-sale decisions, increase cart size, and inspire repeat visits.
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Actionable Insights

Nothing is more important to keeping a retail environment running brilliantly than reliable insights. Our information experts can help interpret and drive transactions with powerful consumer data.
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Frictionless Checkout

Fast, easy, relevant, secure and reliable checkout - our retail solutions check off each box, leaving your customers with experiences that keep them happy and help ensure they won’t leave your stores for one down the street.
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