Enriched Shopping

Enriched Shopping Experiences | Toshiba Commerce

Information and engagement for sales

Let our brilliant retailing and inspiring point-of-sales solutions make all the difference.

Helping you cut through the clutter

Our digital signage experts can guide you through the rapidly evolving interactive display arena to provide creative, dynamic and impactful solutions that will improve the customer experience and ensure that your message won't be missed.

"Interactive digital signage is the future of retailing. It gives customers everything they love about seeing and trying a product in person, and adds the in-depth digital content they've come to expect by shopping online.” - Brookstone CEO

The right message at the right time

Delivering information to consumers on store-provided or personally-owned devices while in the store, enabling associates to engage with customers, and allowing cross-channel ordering and self-service mobile checkout, all elevate the concept of customer service to new levels.

“Toshiba’s mobile shopping solution is helping us to reach our customers in a new way, with greater convenience, personalized communications and promotions throughout their store visit.” - VP of Digital Commerce & Innovation at Wakefern Food Corp.

Shopper-centric. Retailer-enabled.

Selling brilliantly starts with keeping shoppers interested and engaged throughout the whole retail process. Powering a more personalized, shopper-centric experience, OmniChannel allows retailers to drive brand and operational performance improvements through a holistic approach.
Toshiba TCxGravity™ makes the store a seamless extension of a customer-centric, omni-channel experience—an evolution of cross-channel retailing that finally empowers consumers to buy anywhere, get anywhere and return anywhere.

Consumers and associates are free to use the channels and devices of their choice, in the way that works best for them.  They can order online, pick up in store and pay at a kiosk. Or buy from a sales associate with a tablet and pay in the store aisle.  No matter what path consumers choose, they enjoy personal recognition, convenient service and access to a consistent selection.