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Total Store Support

Toshiba’s comprehensive, flexible and responsive Maintenance & Warranty Services is a superior and cost-effective method to protect your store technology investment

Base warranty

Having the right maintenance services and warranty programs in place is important for your retail enterprise. Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions offers comprehensive, flexible, and responsive maintenance, parts and warranty services in over 114 countries worldwide. Toshiba’s store solution products typically include Base Warranty coverage . Base Warranty coverage is product dependent although it typically provides 24 X 7 Call Center support access with 9 X 5 On-Site, Next Day, repair, including parts and labor.
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Warranty upgrade

Toshiba’s Base Warranty plans can be upgraded to meet your specific needs and provide higher levels of coverage through warranty upgrades. Warranty Upgrades can be purchased at time of product purchase or during the base warranty period.
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Post-warranty maintenance

To ensure there are no gaps in maintenance coverage, Toshiba offers Post-Warranty Maintenance services, which provides support after the Base Warranty period. Post-Warranty Maintenance can be purchased either at the time of product purchase or at any time during or after the Base Warranty period expires.
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Maintenance spare parts

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions carries thousands of quality parts for the maintenance of our products. This includes cables, hard drives, electronic boards, power supplies, memory and hardware parts for the full range of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions products that are currently being marketed. To obtain the latest pricing and availability for a Certified Spare Part, please click read more.
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