Retail Systems Management Platform (RSMP)

As an enterprise IoT management platform that lets you centrally monitor connected devices, RSMP is a proactive cloud approach to systems management that helps you manage the overall health of your devices and gives you complete visibility into your inventory.

Meet Retail Systems Management Platform (RSMP).

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General Info

  • Real-time asset data centralized into a single view
  • Audit current overall store asset health and alert to issues
  • Evaluate asset configuration change history for negative changes
  • Monitor asset availability for maximum utilization and minimal store impact
  • Plan and schedule asset upgrades with capacity reporting
  • Extendable and flexible framework with an intuitive user interface


Unlike generic IT platforms, Toshiba’s RSMP provides insights on retail-specific pain points and devices


By monitoring system uptime and performance with the ability to manage at a central location


Easy integration and modular retail services provide value-added solutions for retailers, partners and dashboard providers


Gives retailers the ability to prioritize information, including threshold management

Improve Uptime

Don't let unpredictable disruptions to the store impact the in-store experiences that you work so hard to deliver. Toshiba's RSMP is designed to focus on the nuances and specialized equipment used in retail store environments. From client to cloud, we can give you the comfort that accompanies understanding your equipment’s condition and performance. Having insight into possible failure ahead of experiencing the downtime that failure can cause is even more critical when travel and logistics are affected with longer than normal delays. Resolve potential issues with your POS solutions before they cause lanes to shut down. Our modular approach to systems management gives you the flexibility to choose a solution design that meets your needs.


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