The mission of real,- has always revolved around the providing the best customer experience – everything from ensuring that customers can easily navigate their store, to keeping them stocked with everyday necessities. real,- wanted to implement cutting-edge technology to ensure an optimal experience each time a customer walked in, and out of, their door. So when real,- went to update their retail systems and enhance their checkout process, they looked for a provider with hypermarket experience, which is critical given the significant number of SKUs (stock keeping units) in each store. A key factor was to identify a partner who could also offer industry leading point-of-sale POS) store technology to deliver a seamless shopping experience – fast, easy to use and more personalized – with high availability and minimal interventions.

real,- a member of the Metro AG retail giant, headquartered in Germany, turned to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions to enhance the customer shopping experience, with special focus on the checkout experience. In a very competitive selection process, key challenges real,- laid out included implementing new market rewards programs such as “PayBack Pay” stations, optimizing the checkout footprint, and increasing the number of self checkout POS systems. After a competitive review of their point of sale hardware options,

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