IOT Suite

ELERA® Security Suite

ELERA® Security Suite is an end-to-end edge computing solution that helps retailers analyze customer behavior to improve checkout experiences, provide actionable insights to mitigate risks, improve customer throughput, while reducing shrink

ELERA® Loss Prevention

The ELERA® Loss Prevention solution is an integrated self-checkout loss prevention solution that uses TCx® EDGEcam cameras mounted on SCO hardware and reduces the need for the store associates to monitor shopper behavior – freeing associates to help more customers while reducing shrink at SCO lanes.

ELERA® Produce Recognition

The ELERA® Produce Recognition solution uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to increase scanning accuracy and reduce the need for manual input of codes and intervention – making checkout a faster, friendlier, and smarter experience for customers. 

Advanced A.I. Camera

Computer Vision cameras powered by the Qualcomm® QRB5165 System-on-Chip (SoC) are some of the best A.I. edge processing platforms on the market. The system uses the TCx® EDGEcam+ and multiple sensors to monitor customer behavior – without servers or processing lag – in real-time, adding enhanced security throughout the checkout area. The versatility of the TCx EDGEcam+ technology gives retailers the resources they need to enhance profit protection and improve the shopping experience.