Self Checkout

Self-Service Kiosk & Checkout Systems | Toshiba Commerce

Self Checkout System 6

Designed to create a fast, easy, and intuitive experience for shoppers while delivering unprecedented flexibility to retailers with innovative design.

Self Checkout System 7

Next-generation self-service platform that gives retailers the ability to customize their in-store environment to give shoppers a fast, personalized experience

ITAB EasyFlow

ITAB EasyFlow offers an easy to use high capacity self-service system designed to offer increased customer service and security. (available in Europe only)

ITAB MoveFlow

Designed to handle smaller basket purchases, ideally up to 10 items, the system focuses on the customer experience and user friendliness. (available in Europe only)

ITAB MoveFlow Hybrid

The MoveFlow Hybrid is targeted for smaller shop formats where quick conversion between Self Checkout mode and Attendant mode is necessary.

ITAB TwinFlow

The TwinFlow is designed to handle medium to large shopping orders and is ideal for large convenience stores, supermarket and hypermarkets. (available in Europe only)