TCx™ Pay

TCx Pay supports an omni-channel customer experience by providing global deployment flexibility across payment devices and processors using a patented, multi-layer security process

The rising complexity of payments is a major challenge for retailers today as increased payment security, protecting against malware attacks, EMV chip cards, and new payment options, such as contactless, emerge on a regular basis. TCx™ Pay helps address these challenges with a single, end-to-end turn-key solution.

This solution takes the point of sale terminal out of PCI Scope, allowing merchants to accept EMV chip cards from 7 major payment processor platforms in the US, and enabling the adoption of innovative payment options including Apple Pay®, Android Pay® and Samsung Pay®.

TCx Pay also provides retailers with the ability to choose the solution components that best suit their business requirements, from payment terminals to payment processors.

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The proprietary application’s Card Data Entry (CDE) process includes encryption at the time of insert or swipe, secure transport of the card payment data to the payment switch, and tokenization of the payment receipt. Point-to-Point encryption (P2PE) is provided as part of the solution at no additional cost, delivering security throughout the process. In addition, the solution is PA—DSS 3.0 and PCI—DSS 3.0 certified.


TCx Pay provides a single token across all retailer channels that can be used to more effectively track transactions and securely mine CRM data for more actionable insights.

Payment Processor

Integration with major processors in 20 countries, including the US, Canada and Mexico, gives retailers the flexibility to select one or more processors. Additionally, retailers can make processor changes without EMV recertification issues or changes to their store systems or POS registers.

Pin Pads

TCx Pay is interoperable with a broad selection of Ingenico and Verifone terminals allowing for complete flexibility to upgrade to the latest device or introduce mobile checkout and Bring Your Own Device (mobile wallets).

Speedy Payment Innovation

TCx Pay manages all changes in payment compliance processes including EMV plus enables acceptance of payment products such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay, NFC and other future payment products, as well as enabling the quick adoption and integration of new payment types without having to go through a recertification process. TCx Pay is already Quick Chip enabled for frictionless checkout experiences.

Point of Interaction

Improve the overall shopping experience by enabling retailers to deliver marketing programs to customers through the pin pad, including targeted marketing messages, customer surveys, instant rewards, and membership opportunities.

Powerful Business Insights

TCx Pay is designed to make the back office procedures easy and keep areas like accounting reconciliation, analysis, and device monitoring in compliance with PCI requirements. To ensure easy manageability and access to powerful insights, an enterprise reporting portal is included. Retailers also control their own data, which is stored in co-located data centers

Easy Omni-channel Integration

TCx Pay can easily integrate with various retailer payment points. From traditional to cloud-based POS solutions, the flexible SDK can be integrated in a few weeks. For highly customized solutions, integration can be accomplished in weeks instead of months, and with minimal to no changes to the existing POS software. TCx Pay also offers SDKs for e-commerce, in store mobile tablets and customer mobile wallets allowing retailers to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Return on Investment

Offered for a flat monthly Software as a Service fee, TCx Pay includes all future payment compliance updates, access to new payment products, payment processor and pin pad choice, 24/7 help desk support, plus other value added platform features. TCx Pay helps retailers reduce costs associated with managing the complexity of payments including QSA audit fees, IT resources, and POS development fees. TCx Pay ultimately enables retailers to deliver a better shopping experience to their customers.