September 24, 2020 •

Retailers handle a lot of sensitive information, and as e-commerce grows, virtual teams become more widespread and cloud storage becomes more ubiquitous, this is a pivotal moment for retailers to consider implementing remote access tools. To grow effectively, scale operations, prevent data breaches, quickly troubleshoot issues from afar and maintain compliance, retailers need to ensure that technicians and administrators have safe, secure access to systems and networks – and remote access tools can help.

Here are three reasons any retailer can benefit from remote access tools:

Business agility: Life moves fast, but 2020 moves faster. In today’s retail climate, retailers need to be nimble, constantly manage their networks, and use every hour effectively. If a retailer’s IT staff can dedicate more time to more complex tasks and spend less time doing things like software updates or help desk inquiries, that redirection of energy and labor can equal more resources and brainpower in more profitable places for the business.

Remote access can also help teams work better together: With remote access that offers collaborative sessions, more people can be involved in diagnosing and solving problems, so issues can be resolved more quickly. This tool also empowers team members to use the technology and learn from each other, exchanging information and remotely making connections that might not have been possible otherwise.

Lower costs: Not only can remote access solutions help your business run more efficiently and safely, it can also reduce costs. Remote access tools, which are also common in lab environments, enable retailers to solve issues remotely, which can lead to faster diagnosis and resolution times while saving time and money by avoiding on-site time and travel. And when truck rolls are necessary, technicians spend less time making repairs, leading to more uptime in the store. To see what the ROI of remote access solutions could be for your business, check out Netop’s ROI formula.

Risk mitigation: Data breaches and other cybersecurity threats can cost retailers millions of dollars every year – the global average total cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.86 million. Retailers of all sizes can be the victims of data breaches, which can cost a business sales, profits, valuable data, and customer trust. Remote access helps reduce risk and it can also ensure that a business remains compliant with privacy regulations. In an increasingly global economy, it can be difficult to keep up with multiple governing bodies and privacy standards; compliance is a constant effort. Remote access solutions that exceed compliance standards can help retailers stay up to date on the latest in privacy regulations, maintain high privacy protection standards across the organization, and ensures that retailers avoid extra costs and fines that come with privacy law violations.

Secure remote access solutions deliver the security, speed, and safety your business needs to run smoothly. To learn more about how Toshiba and Netop can support your business and help you connect securely,  click here to explore remote access offerings.

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