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The downloads below are divided into 2 sections, files that are publicly accessible to anyone and files that are restricted to those with an Enterprise ID (learn more)


The support policy for TGCS driver packages (MUS, NWD, UPOS, VCP, SSDLM & Diagnostics) can be found below:

TGCS driver support policy


  • Public TGCS packages (MUS, VSP, NWD, SSDLM, inventory & sensor driver)

    Content below is publicly available to anyone at no cost


    Monitor Update Solution (MUS)

    Monitor Update Solution updates the touch and/or video firmware in 6149 & 4820 displays and 6140-1xx/2xx/A30 system units. .
    It will not update touch/video firmware on 6140-x4x/x5x system units (see TCxTouchUpdater below), but will update touch/video firmware on external displays connected to a 6140-x4x/x5x system unit.

    You must install the operational package (OP) before any update packages (UP)

    MUS operational package for Windows, v2.2

    MUS operational package for SLE11 SP3, v2.1-9.1

    MUS operational package for SLE12 SP2, v2.1-10.2


    Update package for touch firmware

    Product Linux Windows
    4820-2Lx / 5Lx (4:3) v0105-1.0.01 v2.1.02
    4820-21x / 51x (4:3) v010F-1.0.01 v2.1.01
    6140-1xx / 2xx (16:9)   v2.1.00
    6140-x3x (4:3)   v2.1.02
    6149-5xx v0007-1.0.04 v2.1.05


    Update package for video firmware

    Product Linux Windows
    4820-2Lx / 5Lx (4:3) v0113-1.0.02 v2.1.04
    4820-21x / 51x (4:3) v0137-1.0.01 v2.1.02
    6149-5Nx / 5Sx (4:3) v0015-1.0.02 v2.1.13
    6149-5Cx (16:9) v0007-1.0.01 v2.1.07



    Virtual Serial Port

    Virtual Serial Port drivers allows RS232 POS applications to communicate with the USB MSR, USB line display, USB cash drawer and USB iButton on supported POS system units. It also supports the USB 4610 and 6145 POS printers.  Note that this does NOT allow access to any USB I/O device, only specific devices on select POS terminals.

    Version Release Date Status Support End
    all prior varies Unsupported June 2018
    1.4.x December 2015 Unsupported November 2018
    1.5.x June 2018 Supported when 1.7.x is released
    1.6.x November 2018 Supported when 1.8.x is released

    Windows (v1.6.44, 2 November 2018)




    TCxTouchUpdater updates the touch firmware on TCxWave (6140) & TCx 800 (6200) POS terminals. For touch updates on earlier models use MUS above.

    6140-14x (Windows, v1.1.3, 10 Jan 2018)

    6140-15x (Windows, v1.1.4, 10 Jan 2018)

    6200-1xx (Windows, v1.0.54, 4 Feb 2019)


    POS SSD Life Monitor Drivers

    POS SSD Life Monitor Drivers monitors solid state disks on Toshiba POS systems to determine when the number of writes to an SSD is reaching it's lifetime maximum.

    Windows (v1.5.34, 26 November 2018)

    Linux (v1.2.0, 5 August  2016)



    Native Windows Driver (NWD)

    NWD is a printer driver for Microsoft Windows, so that you can print to your RS232, USB or ethernet 4610 or 6145 printer from any Windows application without needing to make any changes to your POS application.

    Windows (v4.1, 2 November 2018)

    Version Release Date Status Support End
    all prior varies Unsupported June 2018
    3.5.x May 2017 Unsupported November 2018
    4.0.x June 2018 Supported when 4.2.x is released
    4.1.x November 2018 Supported when 4.3.x is released


    POS Sensor Driver

    POS Sensor Driver performs real-time readings of the static and dynamic values of the POS system hardware sensors (e.g. fan, temperature and voltage sensors). The driver maps sensor information into CIM for application usage. The real-time information provided by the driver can be monitored using Remote Management Agent (RMA).

    There are 3 different versions, depending on the POS terminal you are using.

    Version Linux Windows
    1.x SurePOS 300 4810-340
    SurePOS 500 4852-526

    SurePOS 300 4810-33H
    SurePOS 300 4810-340
    SurePOS 500 4846-545
    SurePOS 500 4846-565
    SurePOS 500 4852-526
    SurePOS 700 4800-7x2
    AnyPlace Kiosk 4838-310


    SurePOS 700 4800-7x3
    SurePOS 700 4800-784
    SurePOS 500 4852-566

    SurePOS 700 4800-7x3
    SurePOS 700 4800-784
    SurePOS 500 4852-566
    Anyplace Kiosk 4838-510
    Anyplace Kiosk 4838-520
    Anyplace Kiosk 4838-710
    Anyplace Kiosk 4838-720
    Anyplace Kiosk 4838-910
    Anyplace Kiosk 4838-920


    TCx700 4900-7x5
    TCxWave 6140-1x0
    SurePOS 300 4810-350
    SurePOS 500 4852-570

    TCx300 4810-360
    TCx300 4810-370
    TCx300 4810-380
    TCx700 4900-7x5
    TCx700 4900-7x6
    TCxWave 6140-1x0
    TCxWave 6140-A30
    TCxWave 6140-x4x
    TCxWave 6140-x5x
    SurePOS 300 4810-350
    SurePOS 500 4852-570

    IBM Director & RMA support files


    Version 1 (legacy systems without service processors)

    Windows (1.6.22, 5 August 2016)

    Linux (1.1.1, 5 August 2016)


    Version 2 (legacy systems with service processors)

    Windows (v2.3.18, 5 August 2016)

    Linux (v2.2.1, 5 August 2016)


    Version 3 (current systems)

    Windows (v3.6.148, 6 November 2018)

    Linux (v3.2.0, 5 August 2016)



    Display Inventory Driver

    The Display Inventory Driver (DID) pulls inventory data from attached TGCS displays and feeds that information into CIM so it can be consumed by RMA. You can use DID in combination with the POS Sensor Driver (above) to remotely keep detailed inventory information on your POS terminals and devices.

    Windows (v1.4.104, 12 June 2017)

    Linux (v1.3.0, 24 August 2016)




  • Public drivers (OS drivers for POS terminals)

    Content below is publicly available to anyone at no cost


    ELO Touch Driver

    Windows touch screen driver for TGCS POS terminals and flat panel displays

    Windows (v6.9.10, 19 January 2018)



    Biometric Fingerprint Reader

    The fingerprint reader is an ordering option for modular POS keyboards and select models of TCxWave, TCxDisplay and SurePOS 500.

    Drivers and development kits for the biometric fingerprint reader are provided and supported directly through Crossmatch (formerly Digital Persona).

    Usage limitations are outlined in the relevant TGCS product Planning & Installation Guide



    S3 Power Management Support - USB filter driver for WEPOS / PosReady 2009

    The USB Filter Driver is required to properly support the S3 (Suspend to RAM) power state with Windows.

    Due to a limitation in the Windows XP USB stack, some USB I/O configurations may prevent systems from staying in ACPI S3 low power state or in extreme cases can cause erratic system behavior such as reboots during power state changes. 

    When entering a lower power state, Windows normally arms a downstream USB hub for wakeup by plug/unplug events.  As the system transitions into S3, a powered USB device will loose power, signaling a wake event.  The filter driver resolves this issue by intercepting the DEVICE_REMOTE_WAKEUP request being sent to a downstream USB hub.


    S3 Power Management Support - Registry patch for WEPOS / PosReady 2009

    This registry update is required to properly support the S3 (Suspend to RAM) power state with Windows.


  • Restricted content (UPOS, USB POS Diagnostics key, Wifi printer driver)

    Content below is only available to entitled customers with a TGCS enterprise ID (learn more)


    Mobile Printer SDK

    The Mobile Printer SDK allows you to write an Android or iOS application that prints directly to our 4610 and 6145 POS printers that contain a wired or wifi interface card.

    The Android download is fully functional, the iOS download contains licence forms that must be returned to TGCS via an SR before we will provide the driver.

    User Guide

    Android (v1.2, 12 November 2018)

    iOS (v1.2, 12 November 2018)


    USB POS Diagnostics key

    Use the POS Diagnostics package to troubleshoot hardware problems on POS systems. Use it also to update firmware on any POS I/O device, as well as configure 4610 and 6145 printer logos, fonts and messages.


    Version 9.0.1 (25 January 2019)

    User documentation for all versions

    USB key version

    Remote version for legacy BIOS

    Remote version for UEFI BIOS

    User documentation specifically for remote version


    A self-checkout plug-in is available for use with the USB POS diagnostics package.

    Self-checkout plug-in



    Unified Point of Service (OPOS and JavaPOS) drivers support IBM & Toshiba POS specific peripherals such as 2x20 displays and receipt printers on Windows and Linux.

    UPOS 1.14.1 was the last to ship a JVM, you are now responsible for supplying your own.

    UPOS Knowledgebase

    UPOS lifecycle & support information

    Version Release Date Status Support End
    all prior varies Unsupported varies
    1.14.1 February 2016 Unsupported February 2018
    1.14.2 / 1.14.2a November 2016 Supported November 2019
    1.14.3 May 2018 Supported May 2021
    1.14.4 November 2018 Supported November 2021



    1.14.4 (November 2018)

    1.14.4. User Guide


    1.14.3 (May 2018)

    1.14.3. User Guide


    1.14.2a (December 2017)

    1.14.2. User Guide


    1.14.2 (February 2016)

    1.14.2. User Guide