Retail Enterprise Management Service (REMS)

Retailers have a lot on their minds. How to best manage and monitor your POS system across locations shouldn’t be one of them. Toshiba’s Retailer Enterprise Management Service (REMS) is here to help.

Meet Retail Enterprise Management Service (REMS).

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General Info

  • Store connection management services include remote registration, status receiving, and connection-related operations
  • Enables software distribution and diagnostic data capture
  • Collects inventory from store POS hardware, software, and peripherals
  • Subscribe and get alerts/system events from stores/POS systems
  • Enables remote power management including suspend and reboot
  • Supports triggering and monitoring custom actions on remote POS systems


Access all software, peripherals, and POS data in one place to identify cost saving opportunities


A singular point of access maximizes productivity for IT teams and store associates


System Management Agents deployed at store level to enable the business management system


Design and customize the systems management console to work for your brand and customer experience

For today’s retailers, understanding the status of all POS systems across all locations is crucial. REMS enables POS system management across the enterprise and allows retailers to centrally manage, monitor and report the status of remote, mission-critical POS hardware, peripherals and software across all retail store environments. 

How does it work?

With Toshiba’s Remote Management Agent (RMA) deployed as a core tool to accurately track and collate system information from every device in the retailer’s estate. Along with Toshiba’s Retail Enterprise Management Service (REMS) enabling the collection of multiple agent data from every connected / configured location. Your retail business can take advantage of this duo's powerful retail systems management capabilities across the enterprise to centrally manage, monitor and report the status of remote, mission critical POS hardware, peripherals and software. Complimented by an efficient framework that allows customizable data flow and control.


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