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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Systems Management

The crisis caused by the coronavirus has forced businesses around the world to reprioritize and reallocate critical resources. Whether you need to reinforce your business’s systems to make sure they are reducing traffic needed for transactional and mission critical data such as payment data, , or have the time and capacity to make some corrective maintenance improvements, systems management tools can help.

Here are five reasons to consider systems management:

  1. Planning and Operations: Well-functioning technology is key to providing a smooth customer journey. Systems management can help you know what technology is where, how long it has been in service, how it is used, and how efficiently it performs. Perhaps more importantly, it gives insight into the attached peripherals, like knowing if the printer will issue a receipt, if the scanner is working properly or if the cash drawer will open to accept payment.
  2. Problems and Mitigation: Through years of ongoing development, we extended our code to identify and understand a variety of issues your retail equipment might face. A great systems management tool must be able to alert you when there is an underlying problem that is affecting a product’s performance or if something is about to fail and identifies that problem without the cost or risk of travel.
  3. Expandability: Planning ahead is a challenge, especially in trying times like these. Systems management helps you create a plan for the future through a better understanding of your existing infrastructure and the potential to support your business as you grow. 
  4. Control and resolve issues: Awareness of a problem is rarely enough; you also need to be able to fix it. With a remote management tool, you can see and experience the issues that your end user is facing, take control of the malfunctioning device and fix the problem from your desk or another remote location.
  5. Security: Security is critical to any business’ longevity. But as companies grow, a lack of centralized system management can become a pain point and true vulnerability. Driven by the need for a quick fix, businesses can end up with several disparate point products that don’t work together. This can create both short-term gaps and integration and security problems over time. 

Designed to focus on the nuances and specialized equipment that retail environments need, Toshiba’s modular approach to systems management gives you the flexibility to choose a solution design that best meets your needs. From client to cloud, our systems management offerings can give you the visibility you might have lost in recent weeks and put your business in the position to succeed. To learn more about the tools that can complement your retail IT solutions, explore Toshiba's systems management offerings

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