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Your In-Store Solutions Should Be Designed for Retail. Here are 3 Reasons Why

How do you help your store associates go from “Sorry, this lane is closed” to “I can help the next customer in line”? No doubt, the in-store technology they use will make a huge difference. Technology is the foundation for creating smooth checkout experiences and deploying solutions that are designed for retail can help keep more checkout lanes open and moving - even in the most demanding retail environments. And as shoppers’ behaviors are continuing to shift in response to COVID-19, retail technology solutions need to be designed for retail. What does that mean? Here are some of the features that retail technology solutions should embrace to help retailers deliver the best customer experience possible today, and in the future:

Retail is a notoriously unforgiving environment, and this is where purposeful design and thorough product testing can shine. Point-of-sale solutions often share space with beverages and cleaning supplies on the cash wrap – which is why it’s so important that hardware can survive an accidental spill. And since high-traffic surfaces like touchscreens and PIN pads are getting sanitized more often, they need to be able to handle constant cleaning. Rigorous product tests, including thermal testing, spill and drip testing, dust and lint testing and so much more, help ensure that these devices are tough enough to survive a spill and keep checkout lines open.

As retailers try to adjust to doing business in the middle of a global pandemic, flexibility is quickly becoming a vital feature for retail technology solutions. To keep customers and store associates safe, extra precautions like physical barriers and spacing between customers are going to continue to be necessary. Front ends are going to need to be able to adapt to these new configurations, and features like screens that rotate or flexible mounting options can help retailers be sure that they have a system that can help them serve their customers in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, and continue to do so when it is over. Flexible point-of-sale systems must be able to help retailers adapt to these changes.

Well-designed point-of-sale infrastructure solutions should perform at a high level for years, not just on its first day. Equipment that boasts a low total cost of ownership must be durable, easy to repair, easy to upgrade and accessible for multiple generations of people.

Toshiba delivers complete infrastructure solutions that keep stores' systems available, help retailers get the most from their investment and are made to grow and evolve alongside retailers do. For more on what makes a point-of-sale platform tough enough for retail, and to see if your current point-of-sale solutions measure up, read the "5 Retail Technology Infrastructure Must-Haves" checklist.

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