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Why should retailers prioritize seamless online and in-store experiences?

Reducing friction during the shopping experience is more important than ever. When shoppers are stressed, panicked and scared, retailers have an opportunity to play a comforting, stabilizing role by helping customers get the supplies they need to care for themselves and their loved ones. Customers are accustomed to moving effortlessly between digital and physical touchpoints, so during stressful times retailers need to have more than a digital strategy – they need to deliver the best of each channel across all channels. 

Frictionless tools give retailers more flexibility
Seamless shopping isn’t just about having the latest technology, it’s using the strength of each piece of technology to better serve shoppers’ needs. During the crisis caused by COVID-19, retailers – especially grocers and big box stores – have had to adapt to meet the moment. In order to help customers shop safely and ensure they have the essential products consumers need, retails used tools, retailers used tools that were already part of their strategies, like BOPIS/curbside pick-up, home delivery and inventory tracking. 

Shoppers still appreciate good experiences 
It’s no secret that consumers across generations, ethnicities and income levels value great shopping experiences. Whether the customer values speed and convenience or the space to explore, compare quality and discover something new, retailers need to ensure that customers are getting that great experience – no matter which channel shoppers choose to make their purchases. The customer journey isn’t linear and shopping shouldn’t be either. Instead of strictly separating their channels, retailers should make it as easy as possible for shoppers to move from online, to the store, to mobile apps and to home delivery.

To learn more about the importance of providing a seamless customer experience and examples of retailers who have successfully executed engaging experiences for their shoppers, read our whitepaper “Getting the Best of Both Worlds in Retail”.

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